Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, November 30, 2007

Dedication to Sassafrass

Peter and I have been discussing this tattoo for quite sometime. It is Lily's birthdate in Mayan characters. It is a band that goes all the way around his arm. It turned out really great. I am supposed to be next. I want to get a stargazer Lily on my ankle but I am a fraidy cat. I have two tattoos already but I am just more sensitive in my old age. We shall see if I can muster the courage.
Here is Lily and daddy on thanksgiving after eating way too much.
And is it truly possible that my little one just keeps getting more beautiful. Her daddy is already having nightmares about the teen years. Yikes.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope you all have a wonderful day filled with love, and most of all delectable treats!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Oh so fun

I don't have any new pictures as my camera has been tucked away inside my office for quite some time. Today is a good day to pull it out I think, but Lilyana is doing some cute things that I don't want to forget She has a new interest in books these days and when she sees a picture of anything she likes she puts her little arms out to the picture and says up up. It is very sweet and oh so innocent. When we tell her that we love her she now says too. As in I love you too. And every night before bed she makes Peter and I come down and sit on the floor and then repeatedly gives Dada hug mama hug dada kiss mama kiss and then repeat. So our lack of kisses as I mentioned in her birthday post is now over and we have moved on to love in abundance. Peter Lily and I are also having a dance off every evening while Peter cooks dinner. I took a video last night of Daddy and Lily dancing but I don''t think I'm aloud to post Daddy doing the running man :) We are having so much fun in the Delap household.

Last year on the 18th of November Lilyana became Lilyana Rubi Delap officially in the American courts. It was Adoption Day and she joined in a ceremony with other Sacramento children being adopted. It was a very special day their were children of all ages and nationalities some international adoption and some domestic. We felt very honored to take part in such a meaningful day. Lily also got her hand painted and put on a tile that may be displayed in a collage on the courthouse walls. She was just newly 1 and didn't understand why they were painting her hand but she thought it felt funny and she curled her fingers every time we put it down on the plaque.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Happy Halloween

Halloween is a fun time for my family. Not only do we like to get the kids out and dressed but it is also our Nonnie's birthday. Ava and Lily both have this really special bond with their Nonnie. Usually we go trick or treating at our cousin Ava's house, but this year we went to the mall. I liked the idea of being able to start at 5. We won't do the mall again it is much more fun to go to a neighborhood. We had fun none the less and Lily surprised us all and decided to wear her bear costume! Last year she arched har back the minute we put on her lion costume. We called her the reluctant lion.

Last year. A rare few moments in costume.
This year Lily would not get down and walk. This year she was the uncooperative bear. Mommy and Lily doing our very best grrr.

Lily learned the word treat this evening. She said treat at our very last stop. Then yesterday when we were at the doctors office for her two year physical when the shot nurse came in she pointed to the cupboard and said treat. As if to say can we skip all that pain business and just get to the treat lady. I have a smarty pants on my hands.