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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Halloween and cousins

I did not get many pictures of Halloween.
I desperately wish that Halloween always landed on a weekend.
I love, love Halloween but,
every year it is so stressful getting little miss ready
for the tricking and treating.
This year was no different.
Someone decided the day of, that her costume was itchy
and she would rather be something else.
I was having none of that, her costume
was not cheap and I wasn't going to have my hard earned money wasted.....
so we unwillingly went as a sea fairy.
She made a darling sea fairy but was not much into
smiling for the camera or cooperating with her mean mother.
These smiles came after we had a boat load of candy.

 We did have fun despite the face below.
We went with our buddies Jake and Sofia.
We always have fun with them.
 Yesterday we had our cousin over.
Goodness me oh my she is cute cute cute!
Love this little one.
She is turning one this month.
I can not wait to help her celebrate.

 My little pumpkin is finally growing teeth.
I was beginning to think we'd be a toothless wonder forever.
I will miss this gappy toothed smile.