Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Just a lazy Sunday

What does one do on a lazy sunday morning?
You head to Nonnie and Papa's house of course.
Where one big cousin is staying.You eat chocolate cupcakes.
Then you take a trip to the dollar store.
Where you find something that causes a laugh attack!!!!

A whoopi cushion of course.

Now that is just plain funny!!!
Nothing like good company and giggles.
Cousins and grandparents are sure fun!!!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Guatemala

Today we celebrated Guatemalan Independence Day which was on the 15th with our great friends. I told Lily that it was Guatemala's bithday which is why we had cupcakes and a "pinana." She was certain it was her birthday so we needed to clarify things a bit. We had a great time. I am loving this little Guatemala play group. Not only do our children play well together but the moms and dads enjoy eachothers company.
Just hangin out with Rayna.
Love Rayna's outfit.

What's a celebration without cupcakes.
Lily and Rayna.

Sofia and Elia.

Yummy. My mommy made me wait sooooooo long to eat this.

And every birthday celebration needs a pinata.

Elia also dressed so cute.


Thank goodness Jack was a bit of a pinata expert. He showed those girls how its done!

Rayna. Look at that stance!


The mad dash!
Jack showed him no mercy!

Whats better than friends and candy!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Officially a big girl now!

Yes, yes I know its about time! Almost exactly a year ago we bought Lily a big girl bed. It is a toddler bed as you can see. If I would have known it would take us a year to get her to sleep there I would have just bought her a big bed to begin with. Anyways Lily has been very very slow to warm up to this idea. So I've just waited and waited and waited. She fit just fine in her crib after all. But really enough is enough so this past labor day weekend Peter finally dismantled the crib. It was a bit of a fight to get her in it, but once we convinced her she slept fine. Then it was one more night of a fight and now whenever she sees her crib in the garage she says when is Brad going to pick that up. I'm a big girl now.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fair Fun

We went to the California State Fair today. We once again got there when it opened and stayed until it got too hot. We started at the petting zoo where there was a kangaroo. Yes goats, sheep, chickens, and a kangaroo?

Lily had a good time petting all the animals.

I think it is funny that in each of these pictures she has a sideways glance. She was obliging me with a smile but keeping an eye on those pesky goats.

Sideways glance or not this girl is gorgeous.

Take the bull by the horns!

As you can see the fair is really about the animals. Lily has no interest in those silly rides. She is absolutely disgusted that some people go upside down.

Well really animals and food. It is also all about the food.

See food is a new favorite of ours.

And each year we end the day with a ride on the monorail.

The sideways glance is a theme of the day. The door shut on the monorail while she was posing. She held the pose but had to see what the movement and noise was all about.

Another beautiful picture.

A ladybug joined us on the ride.

I love this halter dress. When we found it at Target I asked her if she liked it. She looked at it for several moments and said well mommy it doesn't have a place for my arms.

See how we've changed in a year here and even smaller here

Friday, September 4, 2009

Night Night

Our bedtime routine is one that I don't want to forget. We have created a routine girl. She loves loves loves routines and procedures does not deal well with change so we work with that and make routines fun when we can cause alas, mama who also likes her routines can get bored doing the same ol same ol each and every day. So right now here is how bedtime goes. Lily do you want to ride daddy's shoulders to bed. Yeah! Mommy you go get water and then chase daddy. I go get her water and then Peter puts Lily on his shoulders and he runs around the kitchen while I chase him and then to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom I must catch him by the shoulders (it must be the shoulders each and every night) Then Peter flips Lily from his shoulders and to the floor and Lily climbs in bed and we cover her up. Then I give her a kiss and tell her I love her and she says mommy catch daddy. So Peter tries to pass me I catch him and pretend to fling him towards the bed. He gives her a kiss, two bonks (forehead bump), another one kiss and an eyelash (her words). Then tells daddy to try to catch me. When I end up by her bed again she is laughing so hard she can hardly speak and says with wide eyes did he get you! (And yes each night the same amount of belly laughing eyes are just as wide like it's our first time.) I say he did then I give her kiss, bonk, bonk, kiss, eyelash. Peter and I both tell her night night and tell her we love her and she says mommy daddy sit outside the door. Which we reply ok baby and off we go. (just a disclaimer that she knows we don't sit outside her door cause when she puts her babies to bed or me for that matter she always tells them she will sit outside the door and then happily walks to the living room) Yes we are terrible and we lied to her but when we were having a rough patch this is a strategy I used and I really did sit outside the door WAY back then. So anyways its still part of the routine and it hasn't changed.