Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Princess Lilyana

Princess Lilyana emerged from her quarters.

She had her trusty sidekick Sir Walter.

The paparazi arrived almost immediately.

The paparazi is using that troublesome manual mode.

Sometimes even when its not quite right it is still perfect.

I think it's cause really how could you get princess pictures wrong.

Monday, June 27, 2011

more camera practice....

We went to Grandpa's house for a visit.

Lily and Grandpa found a little red racer on a previous visit.

Grandpa now keeps it as a pet.

Lily insists on kissing it each time she visits.

Today she even named her Ruby.

I am clearly having lighting issues.

Next weeks class is on, guess what,

yes, that's right, lighting.

Grandpa also has a hummingbird feeder.

He has at least 8 customers at a time.

I got to use them as my subjects.

Baseball in the city

We went to a Giants game with some friends.

We went without a certain little someone.

It was very, very nice to be just the two of us.

This was our 9 year anniversary celebration.

Doesn't Peter have a nice wife.

We got to the game early and did a little tailgating.

I spent my time taking pictures.

I didn't get any good ones really.

I am still very much practicing.

The Giant's really have a beautiful stadium.

You don't have to twist my arm too bad to attend a game here.

Here we are the happy couple.

A little football while waiting for traffic to get better.

Goodbye my beautiful city!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 3 ~ Manual Baby

This really may not have been the best place to practice my camera skills

it's just a little on the bright side.

But, I do say, they are clear and seem exposed

and really they are cute, cute, cute!

That would be the look I'm going for :0)

The first day we learned to put our little face in the water

all I had with me was my phone


So here are some more detailed pictures of our new skill.

Note the absence of our new goggles

apparently only Rainbow wears those.

1, 2, 3.....

Lily would like me to note that she did get the top of her head under too.

Each time she comes up she is gasping for air

like maybe, just maybe, oxygen will no longer be available.

And who doesn't love a little Nonnie love.

Monday, June 20, 2011


We went camping.

Lily's first time,

and, oh, so much fun!

I think perhaps we went with the correct people

roughing it should be a term used very, very, loosely

we ate like Kings, Queens, princess', and princes.

Although, there was a port-a-potty, to remind me I was actually camping.

Lily only entered once as Sof's parents have a trailer

the one time she entered she was shocked and dismayed

she looked at me and gasped

Mommy!!! That is disgusting!

Yes my darling it is but when one has to go well......

As you can see by these faces fun was had by the wee people.

We walked to have some ice cream.

Our idea was we would bring the wagon in case they got tired.

The littles had a whole nother idea

they rode the whole way.

I must say I had a pleasant stroll as I did not pull the wagon.

I merely enjoyed the cuteness!

We spent some time at the lake

where Lily proved once again this is the summer

of conquering fears.

Last year the site of the choppy water would have sent her running

this year she did not even notice the waves.

Lily showed off her aim
At first Clyde was not armed
but quickly realized he must fight back.
Last year being squirted with water would have brought on the tears.
This year being squirted only brought on determination!

I adore Jake
he is polite beyond measure and just
such a happy easy going guy.

And bubbly and bright describes Sofia
this beauty always has something to giggle about.

We had a little spoon race

Cutest thing as the three littles yelled


And the hand off.

The age difference was apparent

Lily 5 balanced that egg and was determined to win

Sofia 4 balanced the egg and didn't notice a winner

Jake 3 held his egg on the spoon and happily moved forward.

I'd say the perfect combination.

and what's camping without a little biking.

Lily has mastered that big girl bike.

She rocked it on flat ground



and over rocky terrain.

Way to go little rockstar!

summer is off to a wonderful start!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Week 2 apperature

Meet Rainbow

She is part princess part superhero

she has a trustee sidekick.

His name is walter

AKA. Wally, Waltese, Wallio

and every once in awhile his name is simply STOP IT!

Rainbows super talents include conquering fears big and small

Kicking back when she is not off saving the world

And quite simply being

The cutest goggle wearing princess

in town!

Kitchen remodel on a budget

Here is the before of our kitchen.

Needless to say function is its only claim to fame.

And here is our kitchen remodel.
Just add paint.
Yes it is bold.
No ignoring this room in our house now!
It's not quite done
It still needs hardware to give it its final touch of flair.
But I couldn't wait to show it off.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Lily learned to enjoy the water last year

hardly ever did I hear her scream or shriek in fear

as in years past.

She bobbed like an apple in the water

stretching her neck as far as she could in order to keep her face dry.

I didn't do swim lessons or try to push her in any way.

I wanted her to know that the water is fun.

This year she is like a new kid.

It may be that she is much taller.

It might be that she is older.

Who knows.

Lily and I have been discussing putting her face in the bath for quite some time.

She has been plugging her nose and then dipping her chin in.

Then she says I'm just not ready yet mommy.

I tell her it is okay we can wait.

Today she decided I will not wait a minute longer.

It was quite simply the cutest thing I have ever seen!

She would plug her nose and throw her head back as far as she could

and count 1, 2, 3.

and scrunch her eyes as tightly closed as possible and then bend her knees.

At first only her nose made it in.

Then slowly she made it further and further

until even her eyebrows were under.

She was so very proud of herself

and she made me one proud mama.

I love when she conquers her fears!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

This weeks lesson shutter speed

I've started my photography class all over again

this weeks lesson is on shutter speed

So I've had my camera out and about to take pictures of motion.

On Friday we completed our first summer tradition

concert at the park

first up is some summer cuteness

Miss Lily pie is letting me put pigtails in her hair.

It has been a whole entire year of one hair style

it is affectionally known as the Lily flip

I love the Lily flip but happy she has decided to accept change.

And a little motion in still frame
for now I feel comfortable with shutter speed

time to move on