Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mama getting artsy

Just a few Lilyisms too:
1. Your dimposhible (impossible)
2. No night night, just woke up (no matter what time of day)
3. No way Jose
4. Whus da matter?
5. No sit on potty I hide right here. Mommy: Don't you want to potty like a big girl? Wiwy no big girl.
6. Thank you, mommy. After everything including the mundane like picking up her trash that fell on the floor.
7. I do it I do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. I wanna strawberry pokisicle.
9. Stuey good dog?
10. Where's daddy?

Just another summer day

These first couple shots were supposed to be funny corny pictures. She came to me and asked if she could wear my bra. I said if I can take your picture to which she agreed. If you have been a recent reader of my blog Lily and the camera are NOT friends. In fact when I get out the camera she screams at the top of her lungs and runs the other direction. These two shots turned out so stunning I wish she had no bra on.

This is Lily's best friend who doesn't get much face time here on the blog.

We went back to the river and Lily enjoyed herself once again. I mean really how could you not.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

one more party picture

This picture was captured by Sofia's Daddy Clyde. I had to include it on my blog cause they are both looking into the camera and they both have the same expression. They are just precious.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yesterday we went to our first pool party. Our friend Jake just turned one. He is such a cutie and is in love with the water. We also got to see another Guatemalan princess at the party. She is our friend Sofia. We have spent plenty of time with Miss Sofia and this is the first time I have had a camera ready when they are playing near each other. These two beauties are gonna break some serious hearts along the way! And check out those shark cupcakes are they not the cutest thing ever and fun to eat as you can see below. Lily even decided that frosting is a must have hair accessory. Lily kept telling me that this was her party and she made that true when she helped to open the presents. She also insists on calling cupcakes pancakes. She kept asking where the pancakes were.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


OK so this picture does not go with this post but I had to take a picture. The other night Peter and I went to the famers market where a band was playing called Latin Touch. They were really good. This little old couple came out to dance at first all by themselves. She had some spunk and was getting her groove on and he could barely move but he tottered back and forth with her on the dance floor and every once in awhile would throw a hip thrust in. It was so sweet!

So this is my home and my heart. My childhood lies on this river. Oh how I miss the river! I met up with some old friends I have not seen in years. I am not sure why we lost touch but it doesn't really matter. We are in touch again thanks to Facebook, where I have recently found lots of old friends. The last time I saw the sweet oh so grown up girl Saren she was 8. She is now 11 and just beautiful. Her mama better watch this knockout. Lily loved the river, thats mamas girl, and wore the backpack (ie lifejacket) without complaint.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh to be a woman!

I am today a part of the girl effect. Thank you Jenn for sharing this video. It is a powerful message and a powerful idea!

go here if your interested in spreading the word

Emy and her family get clean water

Look at this smile on cutie pie Emy! She and her family now have clean water! I am so happy to know this. Thank you Mayan Families for letting me be a part of this.

At first I left the top my only words for this entry, but then I realized how much more Mayan Families has given me. How much seeing that sweet smile on Emys face has made me feel somewhat whole and healed. So here is my get real for today. I have always heard the cliche that it is better to give than to recieve, but it has been lost on me for I am a CONSUMER. Giving to Emy has given my angel Luciana's life, however short and only in my womb, meaning. She came to lie comfortably inside of me for a reason and Emy's sweet smile is it. Thank you doesn't even begin to cover the feelings I have toward Mayan Families.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

San Diego Part III

The Zoo. If you have not experienced the San Diego Zoo and you live in CA you are missing out. It is wonderful you actually feel as if you have traveled to these animals habitats and you get to get pretty close and personal.
Look mommy monkey butt!

Mommies favorite animal at the zoo.

I am just so excited I could scream!!! Notice Daddy saying SHHHH!!!!!!! We are at a fancy restauant. That's what we get for taking a 2 year old to somewhere fancified.

Lily's all time favorite thing about San Diego was, yes, the ducks! They were all over our resort and right out our slider. Why exactly did we need to fly for this. It is the little things in life!

San Diego Part II

Sea World
Handsome husband

Watching Penguins

Riding the whale notice we caught a genuine smile

YIKES! Glad he's behind glass

Lily's favorite animal slamingos

San Diego Part I

Our family recently flew to San Diego to relax and enjoy the sea air. We went to the beach, Sea World, and the terrific San Diego Zoo. Lily has taken two airplane rides this summer and she is quite the expert flyer. Each time we get in line to endure security she makes sure everyone takes off their shoes gets them in the bucket and wants to walk through the metal detector all by herself. Such a big girl.
Some oddities I noticed while flying. A) Why am I aloud to bring along my juice cup bringing more than 8 oz of fluid from my home into the airport. I assume because the government thinks I will not harm my child in liquid form yet she must take off her shoes. I would not poison her with chemicals used to make a bomb but I would put a bomb in her shoes? B) Why am I forced to buy a ticket for my petite 33 month old girl for her safety and buckle that petite frame into a seat belt, but the lady next to me with the robust 23 month old baby can hold her baby in her lap for its safety. I don't find issue with buying the ticket just with you telling me my child will be safer in that lap belt. Who are we kidding! The lap belts not savin anyone if we crash!
Daddy and Lily at the beach. We didn't have sunny skies but the beach is fun sun or no sun.

Lily's new favorite thing in life HORSES!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

4th of July

This is blogger catch up. We went to our friends bbq for the 4th and Lily stayed up late enough to witness her first fireworks. At first she was very scared and I had to cover her ears during each boom and she tightly closed her eyes while the boys let the booms off in the street. They were so courteous and let me know so I could cover Lily's ears before the sound. I would tell her here one comes and she would grab my hands and put them over her ears and tightly close her eyes and then clap after it was over. As the night wore on the overtired animal came out. After the booms she no longer needed me to cover her ears she danced and jumped up and down and screamed after every one, very amusing! Lily is still very sure that pictures are the enemy and will not for any reason smile and most of the time puts her head on the ground or in her lap so that we can not see her. So even though she looks very serious in every one of these shots she did actually have some fun.

Oh but wait, look what mommy caught! Two cheesy smiles!

And that's all folks!

Friday, July 4, 2008

FFF #8 Dancin' Queen!

I have added an appropriate song to this weeks FFF. If you would like to hear the video you will have to pause the music player to the side of the blog. Today's favorite foto friday theme is dancin' and boy do I have a dancing queen in my family. She danced before she could walk. I have a great post of her and her daddy doing the running man but my computer is old (in computer years that is) and I can not get it from my camera to the computer. These two videos will have to do. The first is of Miss Lily dancing in the rain. Colorado has spectacular thunder storms and we loved every minute of the cool fresh rain. The second is of Lily doing spinnies with nonnie before deciding time is better spent playing patty cake.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kissing & Colorado

To all my friends who have recently been swimming with us look what I got on my sassy girl. Lily has refused to wear a swimming suit. She has given in and let me put a swim diaper on her but the bathing suit has been a no go. Yesterday we had a breakthrough and I got it on her without a single protest. She has been living up to her nickname of Sassafrass Keep reading for more examples.

I even got a kiss in said bathing suit!

My mom and I had a trip planned to Colorado and I decided against everyones advice that I should go despite my personal life. So we took off last Monday and spent a week with my mom and her friend known all my life as Aunt Martha. It was good to get away. Lily loved flying on the plane. Everytime we got off she would yell another one airplane and we had to drag her off. She also started some rather interesting and not so cute habits while we were away. She yells bad kids when people approach her and try to smack them. She does not know what a kid is because big or small everyone is a bad kid. I am not sure where this is coming from. I was mortified at several restaurants. She almost made contact with a waitress. I assure you we do not tell her she is a bad kid. She has heard us tell our dog Stuey that he is a bad dog. The word bad has been stricken from our vocab for a little while. Please let this phase end soon!!!!!! Even with the yelling at and near contact with many strangers who quickly decided she was not as cute as first imagined we had a nice relaxing time. Lily has also decided that the camera is not her friend and will not under any circumstances look into it. So all of my shots are candid shots as she hides her eyes and turns her back if the camera is near. :)

This horse is about my size

running from the camera our new favorite past time

Box o goodies at Auntie Marthas

Kissing the friendly penguins

Hee Hee we tired sassafrass out!