Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, August 27, 2010


A is for......

Lily has homework each week and this weeks homework included finding all things A in our home. Well really I must admit I cheated Nonnie found all things Aa, and not in our home at all. Anyways the finding of all these fun items spurred me into action. We are making an ABC book. 25 more weeks to go.
The back to school routine always leads to transitions. Lots of them. Lily is love loving her new school and I am so relieved!!! She is excited to go. Not at all excited that I am waking her in the wee hours but excited to go anyways. My girl is NOT a morning person. This morning I opened her door and brought her half asleep to the couch to encourage waking up. She rolled over on the couch looked at me hobbled like a drunken sailor back to her room and closed the door. Caused Peter and I quite the giggle.

Another transition is that baby tiger has to be left here at home. The first day of school she put him in her lunch box. I let her do it. I figured that if knowing he was there made her more comfortable so be it. The next day she got to bring a bag with three things she loved. Of course baby tiger went. Over the weekend I had to give her the bad news that baby tiger was going to just have to wait for her at home because we needed to keep him safe. She was mad, but went to school without a complaint.

Then I pushed my luck just a little more. I told her that I wanted her to stop sucking on her blanket. she said I don't know what I think about that. I said well he's very dirty and we might have to throw him away if he gets too dirty. She went in her room and closed the door I am pretty sure to suck on her beloved blanket. She came out a few minutes later and said mommy we can just wash him. I told her that the place she sucks on him just won't come clean anymore. Maybe we could cut that corner off. Oh my you would think I wouldve told her I was gonna cut off a limb. She went in my room sat in my closet and sobbed. Since we are in such a transition I decided planting the seed of things to come was enough. I suggested perhaps we should find a new corner. She looked at me in all seriousness and said but mommy I suck this corner and I put my finger in here. (The opposite corner has a small hole) and I smell this corner and I go to sleep. with my own insomnia issues perhaps I should get myself a tags.

One last funny tidbit. Lily's school is in this brand new state of the art beautiful little school house. So her teacher has asked that they wear slippers inside. We bought Lily some ballet slippers. She fell in love and wants to wear them to bed. The other night I am awoken to this little voice calling me. I stumble to her room and ask what she needs. She says mommy I can't find my napping shoes. SERIOUSLY it's 3am. Napping shoes what might those be!! So the next evening I find myself telling my 4 year old in a very serious tone: that there will be no more napping shoes if you wake mommy up again in the middle of the night. Then I burst out laughing cause napping shoes are ridiculous.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First day of School

My baby girl headed off to her first day of pre~K today.
She woke up with a smile on her face
got out of the car with her lunchbox in hand gave me a hug and kiss
took her teachers hand and didn't look back.

Her school has a shutterfly sight and they took pictures.
I feel so spoiled to get to see her throughout the day.
I love the smile on her little face among all her new friends.

She even got to have a riding lesson on her first day.
Is there any wonder that she went in with a smile on her face.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

heart sings

My heart is happy tonight.

I have a friend.

She is a part of the guatemala 900.

Her daughter Gabriella has lived in a wonderful orphanage.

They have taken care of Gabi.

But could never be the same as a family.

This friend has worked tirelessly for 3 years.

She has traveled to DC numerous times.

She has the most positive attitude.

Yesterday she got some wonderful news!!!!

Her family is about to get a little bigger.
Congratulations Jose Carlos, Colleen, and Gabi.
We are so happy for you!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

FFF ~ The City

Last week Lily's big cousins came to visit from Oregon.
We went to San Francisco.
The Uncles and the big cousins went to the Giants game.

I am not liking blogger at all right now.
These pictures are out of order and blogger won't let me reorder them.
So as not to throw my computer across the room
I've chosen to leave them here.
Lily was really really tired.
Her big cousin blew bubble after bubble after bubble.
And she giggled all the way home.

Auntie, Lily and I took a whirlwind tour of the city.
First we visited the beach.
It was a little cold for my liking.
Then we visited golden gate park and went to Stow lake.
We saw ducks and turtles and lots of pretty scenery.

twisty tunnels...


Oh my
Then we visited China town.
When Auntie and I were teenagers we visited China town with Auntie's mom.
She took us for dim sum.
Dim sum was lovely
I remember being in awe of all the venders.
Well in awe and a little grossed out.
Here's why...

Baby tiger was the only one willing to get up close and personal.

While there we bought some fun trinkets.

Then we met up with the rest of our crew and ate delicious pizza.
Made the italian way.
Sweet big cousin and Uncle Peter.

Lily decided to see if perhaps window washing was in her future.

We topped our meal off with some gellato
and then headed home.
It took us an hour to get out of the city.
Lots of honking yelling and illegal turns.
And thats why I like to visit and not to stay!!!