Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, April 29, 2010

FFF-bubble mania

We've been having fun with bubbles.

The game of the week is who can catch the most.

Neither puppy is keeping score.

It quite an active game and because I certainly can not blow enough bubbles to entertain this bubble machine was the perfect 20 dollar investment.

Stuey is quite the bubble killer.

Just standing around awaiting the perfect bubble.

And my favorite the hypnotic bubble.

Friday, April 23, 2010

FFF- Drama For Your Mama

I already Posted this picture in color, but I'm in love.
There is just something sweet and innocent
and also something that screams spring!
And spring is followed by summer
and summer is my favorite season.
It is also my birthday today.
I am not at work.
It is best for all involved that I play hookie.
Cause now I'm ancient and
might break a fragile bone.
Or in my senility I might loose
a child.
So I am goin' shoppin'
with my mama.
My mama is gonna take my baby.
Then I am going to hang out and eat good food with
Some of my favorite people.
It's gonna be a good day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Photo Shoot

Today we went to the zoo with some of our friends.
I didn't take many pictures while there.
This is Maya's mommy taking a picture of me taking a picture of her.
Cause were silly like that.
On our way to the car Lily decided to be my little model.
She never let's me do this but she wasn't quite ready to leave
and she knows her mommy well enough that if she let me take her
picture a lot then we get to stay at the park. Smart girl or predictable mommy.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Cause she funny

This is one of those posts that's really just for me cause I don't want to forget. Lily is starting to have a more kid like vacabulary and it makes me laugh often. Her new favorites are hold on and whatever.

The other day I picked her up from her bath all bundled in a towel put her on my bed and snuggled her in my blankets and then went out to the living room and started talking to Peter and just plum forgot about my naked child. Her socks and underwear are up high because if they are in reach she chooses to change them several times instead of take a nap. I come in to get her and there are underwear and socks strewn across the carpet like a landmine.

So when I finally remember my naked child she's no longer where I left her . I go to her room and she has on shorts sans underwear one sock and no shirt. She is knealing at her drawers and is looking quite perplexed. I say Lily you want some help and she says I can't find a...... and she rubs her chest. I say did you forget the word and she does it again. I need a.......and rubs her chest and belly. Lily you need a shirt. Did you really forget the word? She looks at me with a perfectly straight face and says Don't freak out mommy I need a shirt. And grabs a shirt out of her drawer and puts it on.

To which I started laughing so hard that if I had milk it would have come out my nose. She gives me a look that says you are just so old and walks back to my room to watch her movie. Still makes me laugh days later.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wise beyond her years

Lily was playing (torturing) our dog this morning and she was talking about how his feet were little. She looked at me and said:
L: Mommy how come Stuey is little?
M: Because his mommy and daddy are little?
Lily turns to Stuey and says:
Stuey you miss your mommy and daddy but it's okay cause we take good care of you and you are happy.

We adoptive moms and dads read countless books on how our children might feel and there ya go summed up in 20 words or less. I love my baby girl.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

FFF~Easter (on Saturday)

So this layout isn't finished quite yet. I had intentions to submit the completed project as my FFF, but well it is Saturday and I am running out of time and my family has a playdate this evening with some of our favorite people so I must get up stinky roo and get us looking our best. Or at least not in our pajamas. I am sure I won't be able to resist and repost the finished product. This is the last layout in my scrap class then I have to see if I can do it on my own. A little overwhelming I like people telling me what to do. If you know my husband you know thats the only way our marriage is a lasting one :) I love him but he is kinda bossy. He won't mind me telling you cause he already knows.

These are my favorites from Easter.
And the finished product better late than never.

Monday, April 5, 2010

More scrappy goodness

I'm halfway through my second class. I enjoy this so much more than the photo editing class. It just feels like more of an accomplishment at the end. I can't take credit for the artistic craft of these pages, but I am learning a lot. Soon I will be ready to start on Lily's lifebook.
Just in case you were wondering that is what this is all about.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Annual Easter Trip

Every Easter there are some bubbles.

And the zoo. A little cloud cover and some wind didn't get us down.
We just bundled up and went anyways.
We had a great time.

Three peas in a pod.

When one of the pack feels like roaring so must the rest.

My mommy and I.

I am tiger hear me roar.

Butterfly Ava

The zookeeper is keeping Papa in line.

By the time we got home the wind and rain were in full swing
so our egg hunt was indoors.
Another wonderful Easter Holiday weekend.
And a great end to my vacation

Easter Morning

Lily awoke to a scavenger hunt.
The easter bunny left her four clues to her basket.
She thought that it was super fun.The loot.
The fine art of eating a cadbury egg.

Then we got dressed to go to meet up with Nonnie and Papa.
We wore this outfit all of 30 minutes or so due to the weather so I tried to get some pictures.
As you can see we were not amused.

I was able to get some smiles in there.

Even caught a mischevious look

Egg dying par-tay

Our cousin Ava and Nonnie and Papa came over to help us dye easter eggs and make a little easter treat.There couldn't be anything quite as heavenly as rice krispy treats shaped in the form of an egg and dipped in chocolate and sprinkles. Yummy!
Waiting and waiting and waiting for the dye to dissolve.

Putting on the finishing touches.

Ta Dah!
Silly photo shoot.

Friday, April 2, 2010

FFF fun family outing and a funny face

Last weekend my family went to Peter and my home town. We went to an old mine that was the center of our town way back when. Now it is a state park and has beautiful grounds and you get to go part way down the twisty tunnel or the cave of wonders as Lily calls the mine shaft. We brought a picnic lunch and enjoyed a perfect spring day.

Lily was really quite cooperative with her annoying mother who kept making her pose.

Next to big trees.....

In the grass......

On the stairs.....notice the danger sign

We like to walk a bit on the wild side.

Picture perfect......

It is too bad about the shadows this would have been cute.

Lily got into the action this was her idea.

I think she has an eye for these things.

I wanted to wheel this wagon to my yard.

My favorite picture of the day.

And the classic I am done pose.

This may be the dinosaur roar or perhaps the dragon breathing fire.

This is only fair. Lily has discovered how to take pictures on my phone when she is not photographing our dog Stuey I am her next favorite subject and she wants no pretty smiling face she wants eyes crossed tongue out. She is a bit bossy, hmmmm I wonder where she gets that from. It must be her daddy.