Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

random fun

So Lily has a true fasination with trains. Mostly Thomas but any train will do. She knows all the trains names on Thomas and is truly over the top excited when a train goes by. So the other day Peter and I took her to the train museum. Talk about excitement.

Uh, Did you all see this!!!!!!!!!!!

Then mommy made brownies and I got to lick the spoon. In case your all wondering I really like chocolate.

Last but not least this is my newest trick isn't it fantastic.

Friday, September 26, 2008

FFF Silly smiles past and present

This weeks theme is silly smiles. since I didn't start my blog in the beginning I like to post pictures of that ever so sweet face when those cheeks were out of this world chubby. Lily had the most kissable loveable cheeks. They are still just as kissable and loveable just not quite so plump.
Seriously unstoppably cute

Look mom I'm standing

Just bein silly with my Nonnie

No, it was that guy over there.

Present day cheese. My mom said I have to smile.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008



And this.......

have invaded my sweet girls dreams. She has had bad dreams before I am sure. I have run to her screaming and seen her eyes as big as saucers and had her hug me as tight as she could. What is different now is she can verbalize what has scared her. Last night she woke screaming my name. I ran to her side and she said scary dinosaur captain the hook and changing Thomas. Not completely sure what it meant but one thing is for sure it was SCARY! She told daddy Miss Wendy and Nonnie about her scary dream and she was absolutely sure she did not want to sleep in her room tonight. Daddy had her feel the wall we looked in her closet and under her bed but she was still sure that that scary dinosaur would rear his ugly head. So we finally convinced her that mommy would sit outside the door and we left the light on. Wish us luck that no dinosaurs invade tonight.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Potty Training

I don't want to forget this. Lily calls panties mogli pants. As in the character from The Jungle Book. This was her favorite movie for a while. One can only wear mogli pants alone. If you put clothes over them they no longer look like Mogli pants. Her orange hanes panties are her favorite because they are the same color as Mogli's. When she sits on the potty we must sing. The song of choice is usually Old McDonald. When she is done with my beautiful singing. She stands up pulls up her panties and says all done singin mommy. There has been no actual potty on the toilet but we shall stay the course. Last night she had her first accident she was completely distraught that she was now all dirty. Have been waiting for this to occur. Hopefully we have made a connection!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

FFF Hope!

The theme for todays favorite foto friday is hope. It seems in our current world we could all use a little extra dose of this. Here is what gives me hope. Bet you couldnt have guessed it, but she really has been the glue that held me together over the last summer and really in general in 2008. She makes me hopeful for a bright future and generally just happy right now.

If you would like to see more ways people feel hopeful in this crazy crazy world go to

Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a bird It's a plane.......

It's panty girl!

I think we may be getting close. She ran around in panties for 4 hours yesterday. She changed her panties 3 times in this 4 hour period. She sat on the potty 3 times no success but her bare bottom was on that seat!!!!!!! I have decided I'm not really pressing the issue but when we are at home we are gonna wear our panties. Sounds messy doesn't it. She hates messes though and she can identify when she needs to go so wish us luck!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Goodbye baby!

Today I took on a task I've been avoiding. I cleaned out Lily's closet. For some reason this mundane task felt as if it was going to bring me to my knees. It's like an admission that I have to let go of my baby. I still call her baby and so far she does not protest but I know the time is coming soon that she will tell me she is certainly no baby. As I write these words I want to cry. I am so proud of her. She is amazing and charming and fiesty and becoming quite articulate. I am in awe that somehow we found eachother and I get to be her mother. But there is a piece of me that is mourning the loss of her babiness. Part of it is the realization that she is going to be my only baby and once she is big that part of my life is a piece of myself I will not get to grasp again. Did I enjoy it enough? Did I live in the moment enough? Did I smell her sweet scent enough while she would cuddle and snuggle? I want for some reason to hang onto all these tiny items. They are like remembrances of how small she was. I know I can not hoard all her clothes. I saw that Oprah show with that lady. I can not become that lady. So I have settled on three hats that remind me of special days. The flower hat is what she wore at her welcome home party. The brown hat she wore on her first birthday and the third just looked so damn cute on her I can't part with it.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Here she is our new school baby. She has learned so much in a few short weeks. She sings the ABC song constantly and when we take a walk she has to stop at each of the W and S stamped in the concrete and point with her finger at them and sing the entire song. Short walks take quite awhile these days. She gets kind of stuck on one part of twinkle twinkle and its hard not to laugh at her blah blah blah when she doesn't know the words.

FFF Woah Baby

The theme for this weeks FFF is the first moments with your baby. I felt so privileged to finally be holding this much awaited bundle in my arms. These were our first moments together. She could not take her eyes off of us. We were all a little scared. The bottom picture is what miss Lily would do when she had enough of all the new. She completely tuned us out and just stared at those beautiful hands of hers. She could occupy herself this way for long periods of time.