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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, July 7, 2014

New Beginnings

Life lessons are sometimes hard to learn.
We are learning this summer that when life
hands you lemons you make lemonade.
Our trip to Maui was supposed to be very different.
So we had to change some plans and that's just what we did.
We brought our friends Jake and Meg who are my family of choosing, along with  Nonnie and Papa and everyone had a wonderful time.  Really how could we have anything, but a wonderful time.
The ocean in Nor Cal shall never be the same.
 Nakalele Blowhole
more impressive than this picture looks.
 Blackrock nearing sunset
 Two of my favorite little ones.
 My girl.
I am so lucky to call her my friend!
I would be utterly lost without her.

 The best parents a girl can have they are my heart!
Lily and I are so lucky
 to have the most
supportive people surrounding us.
 Hike to dragons teeth.
There may or may not have been whining
near these teeth.
 But, they found their sillies.
We were in Maui after all.
People who are grumpy in Maui are detected
and sent home.
There are strict rules.

 If you are ever going to Maui with kids
might I suggest Napili Bay.
The body surfing is mighty fine
and the turtles swim right up to the beach.

 My Guatemalan Beauty

 One more shot of Napili Bay.
Everyone in the group learned to paddle board.
We all got a little wet in the process.
It was so much fun!