Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Rockstar Party- 8th Birthday

 Lily told me months before her birthday she wanted a Rock Star Party.
We had a Rockin' good time celebrating with friends!
Setting the stage

A Rock Star Party just isn't complete without
staff, security, and VIP badges!
Photo Booth Fun!

On Stage!

My friend Diana is a Zumba instructor
She taught the Rock Stars some moves.
They learned a routine to Katy Perry's Roar.
I'm pretty sad I didn't get a video.
Rock Star Moves


And the cake
My friend and cake extraordinaire Meg
made this for us.
Truly perfect.
I have the best friends around!

 Some after party antics.

September 2013

This little one became a big sister!
Meet out new cousin, Noah Rain
I can't start making memories with this little guy!

 We spent the day at the park.
Kaya is taking the whole thing in stride.

 Noah slept the entire time we visited the park.
We got to pass him from person to person
and cuddle him to our hearts desire.
 Group shot.
One of many I hope!
We also celebrated Guatemala Independence day!
The kids made awesome pages for their life books.
They did a great job!
Thank you to JoAnn for coordinating and planning the super pages.
Oscar's page
 Sofia's page
 Irma's page
 Lily's page
Hard work deserves some park play.
Celebrations are not complete without a piƱata.

Awesome August!

I managed to bribe my parents to go to the river with me.
It's just not summer without a trip to the river!
Lily has begun to be quite the little fish.
She was really comfortable in the water.

We went to our home town for the fair this year.
Such a breath of fresh air in comparison to the State Fair.
 Why wouldn't you climb into a giant hamster ball and walk on water?
 I love this face. 
She was so proud of all the gold she had collected.
 The antics of Daddy and Lily.
They were made for each other.

 Look who started 2nd Grade!

 And Lastly we took these two to get their pictures taken.
It was one calamity after another.
The picture below was taken on my cellphone and was the best shot of the day.
I think it is rather hilarious.
Lily showing her cousin the ropes on how to hide from the

And Lastly a sweet secret shared between cousins.
This picture was taken first I think they may be devising their evil plan here.