Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, July 20, 2012

The way home

On our last night in Centrailia
we went to a little dive restaurant next door to our
luxurious hotel.
Lily had fun at the bar stools.

On our way home we went the long way along the beach.
There is nothing quite like the Oregon coastline.
I wrote Peter to say that I wanted to move
then I remembered it was summer
where was the sun?
We had really good intentions of leisurely strolling
down the coast but didn't quite account for how long it would
take us to get from place to place
so it was a more rushed stroll than we would have liked.
On our first part of our journey we had big plans to
go to Portland, then head to an aquarium
before landing at our hotel.
we didn't make it to the aquarium but
we did stop in the cute little town of Newport and
do some shopping.

Then we headed to our hotel.
It was in Waldport Oregon
It was really nice.

This was my dad's Birthday
Happy Birthday Daddy!

In the morning I went on a run.
It was a beautiful scenic run.
Check out the sky
does it look like swimming weather to you?

It is when the water is 85 degrees.
Nothing like a little morning swim.

As we left the hotel
I carefully helped to pack the trunk.
I set my cell phone on the top of the car.
Then we headed out.
As we crossed that beautiful bridge above
I happened to look out the side mirror
and saw something fly from the car.
I don't remember setting my phone a top the car
however for some reason I knew what it was.
We turned around on the other side of the bridge
drove over and turned once more
stopped in the lane near my phone.
I jumped out to grab it
only to see traffic heading my way
including an RV pulling a car.
I held my breath as they passed over my phone.
Then went to pick it up.
It is shattered.
Both the front and back
it works!!!
It is perfect working order.
I am so excited!

We drove along the coast to some sea lion caves.
We rode an elevator down, down, down.....
We got out and stood on a landing to check out the sea lions.

Lily was our elevator operator.
She loves elevators.

 My mom and dad looking out at the ocean.

As we walked back up there were some beautiful flowers.
Flowers grow like crazy in Oregon!
Lily loves to pick flowers.
I try to curb the behavior in planter boxes and peoples yards
but I figured here it is just fine.
We picked out bouquet only to notice
the please don't pick the flowers sign later.
Oops, oh well.

Then we got back in the car for a few more hours.
Stretched out legs in Bandon Oregon.
It was really cute perhaps I'll go explore

Finding my inner peace.

We finally arrived in Gold Beach.
We stayed very near the beach
had a little fireplace in the room.
It was cute. 
We went out to look explore our beach.

Can't have a birthday without cake and candles.
These would have been super cool candles
if they'd worked and not caused burns while trying to light them.

The next day we headed home.
The drive continued to be beautiful!
Long but beautiful.

This is the whole entire reason we traveled the long way home.
My dad wanted to show Lily Paul Bunyan.
He is 50 ft tall and he talks.
You can ask him questions and he answers them.
He is very impressive
unless of course
your 6 and scared of regular sized dressed up people.
This was a little much for my girl:0)

She was however super impressed with this banana slug.
So it was worth the trip.
She did like the ox blue.
He didn't talk or move his head so he was cool.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Washington Wedding

Last week we started a long journey to Centralia Washington.
It is 12 hours from our home in a car.
I went with my mom and dad and Lily.
Lily is quite the little traveler.
We did the journey in 2 legs.
We made it all the way to Portland on the first day.
Portland is 10 hours away.
My dad and I went to get pizza.
We got our pizza in a cute little town called
Vancouver Washington.
I would have liked to explore more
but it was late and we were tired.
 The next day we woke up and headed to my cousins wedding.
For some reason my family doesn't get together much.
The last time I saw my cousin he was maybe 4 or 5.
It was weird going to his wedding when I had to introduce myself,
but I'm very happy I went and got to see my Aunts and Uncles.
I have fond memories of them as a child and they
are still some very funny kind generous people.
Perhaps it doesn't need to be 15 years or so before I see them again.

Here is my cousin and his bride.
I stole these photo's from facebook.
I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of the bride and groom.
They were cute and their ceremony was sweet.

 Me and my Dad in our wedding finery.
Lily was super excited about going to the wedding.
She really wishes that she was at my wedding.
Unfortunately once we got there she was pretty overwhelmed.
She didn't know anyone and was on completely foreign territory.
She didn't want to talk to anyone and
 really didn't want her picture taken.
There were some tears involved and a little shutting down.

 She did however come around after the ceremony was over
and we were seated.
Then she found out that the favors were green jelly beans
That was enough to make us smile.

This is my dad with his siblings.
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jack.
No doubt they are related.
My Aunt Sandy couldn't come
there is one more girl in the family.

After the wedding we were walking down the stairs
and could smell that it had been raining.
Then we heard the crack of thunder and flash of lightening.
We walked in the rain back to our car
but couldn't bring ourselves to get in
it was just too wonderfully refreshing.
Lily and Papa ran up and down the street racing in the rain
giggling and giggling......
This will be one of my fondest memories of this trip.

Simply beautiful

Friday, July 6, 2012

4th take 2

It seems that in my hurry to get my blog post up and weed
through nearly 200 pictures and then edit them and then think of
something witty to say I forgot an important member of my family.
So just so we all know my loving adorable husband was there too.
It wouldn't be a family vacation after all without him.
Sorry babe love you.

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in North Lake Tahoe.
It is something we have always wanted to do.
A few weeks ago the weather was cloudy and a bit cold.
This time the weather was PERFECT!!
Our friends Diana and Steve have a condo
they graciously extended an invite to us.
We are so very thankful!
Lily and Dani played really really well together.
They spent 5 days together for the most part were completely
content with each other.
We drove up on Monday and met them on the beach.

 Dani and Lily in control of the raft.
They mostly spun in circles.
Lots of giggles were involved!
 These two needed no time to warm up.
They left off exactly where they were
 last time they saw each other.
They are a month apart and just adorable together.
 Funny funny girls.

 The next day there were fireworks on Kings Beach.
It was the 3rd of July.
We headed over to the beach to spend the day.
We did some paddle boarding.
It was Peter and my first time.
I wish there was a picture of me because I was actually fairly good at it.
If you know me this is a big deal because I could trip over a pebble and land on my arse.
 Waiting for the fireworks.....

Lake Tahoe does not disappoint
spectacular spot to see fireworks. 

Here are our beautiful girls all dressed in their 4th of July finery.

 We went out on the lake in a boat.
It was my first time out on the lake.
It is just as amazing with a view from the middle.
We anchored out near a private beach and stopped for lunch.
As we were eating this helicopter kept on circling above us.

As we wondered what in the world the helicopter could be doing
These five men jumped out of the plane.
They parachuted down to the water.
One of them was wearing an American flag around his ankle.
It was spectacular.
Next the helicopter circled around and picked each of them up.
I suppose that if you have to train over the holiday.
Parachuting in Tahoe would be alright :0)

 Steve and Peter became quite close over the weekend.
Admitted to having a bromance and started calling each other brife.
I'm surprised he let Diana so close.
 This was Lily's first time on a boat.
She was nervous at first.
She told me that she wasn't going.
Then she sat on my lap for awhile.
by the end of the day I'm pretty sure we had a fan.
Dani and Lily were riding in the front and as the
boat went over waves
they put their hands in the air.

Lily learned lots of new skills on this trip.
She learned to swim in the deep end of the pool.
She swam all the way across the pool  and we no longer plug our nose.
She learned to float down the river on a tube.
She became a boater.
It was a fantastic trip.
I'm sad it's over but Tahoe is only a few hours away.
So til next time......
A big gigantic thank you to the Robinson's.
We love you!