Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom & Happy Halloween!

I never shared our pumpkin carving pictures. Lily thought it was too slimy but she worked diligently to get every last seed and slime out of that pumpkin.
And on to Halloween. Nonnie the good witch made an appearance this year. She has been missing for a few years but she thought my scaredy cat could handle it this year. Lily sat her down about a week ago and said Nonnie we need to talk about your witch costume. I guess they came to some sort of understanding. Lily told her if she was too scary she would not sit next to her. You'll see she passed the test.

This is the last time the good witch came around. This is Lily's first Halloween as an American. She is newly 1 and this is also the famed evening that she finally started crawling!! Look at those cheeks!

Here is the proof! That little one is superman in the below pictures.

Okay enough of memory lane back to current events!

Miss Ava made the perfect butterfly.

Looks like superman may be trying to make an arrest.

The three goblins getting ready for the candy hunt.

Lily is so enamoured by her big cousin.

Just can't get enough of these shots.

After the treats were hunted down we came back to our house for a little birthday celebration.

This was probably not an appropriate birthday treat but is was very spooky.

Happy Birthday to Nonnie!

Halloween ends one stupendous birthday month all three of these girls turned one year older this month.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

It's me again :)

So let me just say that the amount of posts this weekend may be a little overkill but my baby will only turn 4 once. Peter and I got Lily a big girl bike for her birthday. This morning we took her out for chocolate chip pancakes and when we got home we unveiled her gift. She was excited and wanted to get on right away but in true Lily form once on the much bigger bike she began to cry. I would push her a little ways and ask her if she wanted off. Each time between sobs she would say no. So we pushed on. We turned the corner to go around the block and she started wailing again. I bent down next to her and said baby we can go home if you want and once again she sobbed no. I saw a pretty leaf and put it in her basket. She thought this was a fine idea so she got off put some leaves in her basket and would get back on and I'd push her a little more. She was getting more and more confident with getting on and off the bike. Then she put her feet on the pedals and discovered that if she pushed backwards the bike would stop. This put her in control. Once she discovered she was the one in the drivers seat she told me mommy I feel much better I am very brave. I said yes you certainly are. By the time we rounded the block and were on the homeward stretch she was pedaling and now I am proud to announce she can ride a big girl bike. Way to go my determined girl!

You can't tell here but she is crying.
Mommy telling her it is ok to turn around and go home.

Picking leaves for her basket.

Riding all by herself.

When we got to the street we caught the fear bug again.

But we overcame it quickly.

Can you tell she's proud of herself! And check out the cute bike it has a spot for her dolls to ride!

And we're off!

Just a little side note we are still in our birthday outfit because I was informed this morning that it is still her birthday and this is what Lily wears on her birthday. Who am I to argue with that logic and when its your birthday I was also informed that you get to wear socks with your sandals even if it's not in fashion. Who knew? I was also informed today that I could just get rid of her bed cause Lily just doesn't do night night anymore and that my friends is where this mommy drew the line. A birthday only gets ya so far kiddo.

Happy Birthday Bee Bop

Lilyana Rubi was born four years ago today in Suchitepequez Mazatenango Guatemala weighing 5lbs 2 oz at 7pm. Here is our current year in review.

Dear Bee Bop,

I am so proud of you this year. You are still a bundle of cute wrapped in a dollop of sass. You are still stubborn and strong willed. You still love trains and horses. On top of all of that you are smart and funny and love to laugh. There is nothing I cherish more than a good giggle fest with you. And you have a memory like no child around. You absolutely do not forget a thing!!! I have to watch what I say and do around you because I know you will be here to remind me every step of the way. Mommy do you remember when......... Or Mommy how come........... You are becoming compassionate and kind. You are learning lessons about sharing and taking turns at school. You now know all your colors (your favorite one is still blue like Thomas), you can count to 20, and you know several letters including L, W, Z and more. You have finally warmed up to school and enjoy going to see your friends. You are one of the older kids in the class and enjoy that status. You have also gained confidence this year. You started horse back riding and you are a natural. You also learned to ride your tricycle and it is one of your favorite activities. That and locking your dog Stuey (AKA your little brother) in small spaces so he can't run away. You also still have these intense two sides to you. You are fiercely independent and want to do things all by yourself but you also still want to crawl in my lap and snuggle like a little one. When I tell you you are a big girl you tell me no I'm still a baby. Since your my one and only I'm still OK with that. You'll always be my baby even when the time comes when you accept your status as a big girl.

You have brought your daddy and I more joy than we ever could have imagined. Time is passing so quickly and I enjoy every moment of watching you grow. Each passing year the pride I feel for you grows even more. I am really truly proud of the young lady you are becoming. I am truly the luckiest mommy around. Happy Birthday my love. We love you to the moon and back.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Party

Lily's 4th birthday party turned out wonderful. Can I just say parties are stressful!!! Everyone had a wonderful time and the day was beautiful and once all was started even I had fun. Peter and I also took 400 pictures, I was able to weed it down to about 30. Thats pretty good I'd say.
This is my favorite picture of the day.

Pumpkin cupcakes turnded out so cute. Thank you so much Meg and Meredith.

Just a good picture of my friend Amy and I so I had to include it.

Amy's son Tyler and her husband having fun at the petting zoo.

I don't know what is so funny but it is cute.

I thought I would be going down the slide too, but I guess once your four you don't need mom.

So mom gets to go all by herself.

Our friend Rayna. Her mommy thinks she is moving to Oregon I vote no!!!!

Party favors.

Lily is warming up to her Uncle Troy. It's taken quite some time, but I think she may be done teasing him.

Rayna's sister Elia. Maybe V will leave her behind for me to snuggle :)

These two best friends are so sweet together.

Cupcake time. Lily's first try at blowing out her candles.

Taking a little break.

And she does it all by herself!

Pure joy! Or is she laughing at her mommies bum?

Beautiful picture of my niece.

Love this little one. I love his mommy too.

Lily and her Papa

On the train.


Jakey looked just too cute in Lily's birthday hat.

Whenever I asked Lily what she wanted for her birthday she said a bear. If only our wishes could always be so simple.

And the party crew.

Next year I bet they will be too big to all fit in a wagon.
Happy Birthday to my bee bop!

Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!