Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, April 29, 2011

FFF you pick

I wish I may......

I wish I might

Spring is here it is really here

my wish has come true!!

Oh and 4 weeks of school left

shhh don't let anyone know how excited I am!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

We had the absolutely perfect Easter Egg Hunt

this year

It was full of magic

There is a field near Peter's brothers home

It is the perfect field

Hours could be spent at this field

It is a child's paradise

complete with a fallen tree

that is a perfect place for imagination and play

The Easter Bunny chose just this spot to hide the eggs

It rained quite a bit that day so the field was very wet

An Easter Frock would have been cold and uncomfortable

none of that mattered

I will let the pictures speak for themselves

I have to give credit where credit is due

Most of these pictures were taken by my

very talented brother in law

Marcus Delap

After the Easter Egg hunt my very tired very emotional princess cried the whole way home she said over and over I am all done having fun in Oregon take me home my feet are wet my legs hurt this hill is too high......we then took a three hour nap and awoke and bonded for the very first time with her 15 year old male cousin Kai. Kai is 6 feet tall. He plays football and baseball and works out everyday. He is all boy. Lily said the first 7 days that we were there that she getted to know Sophia (her cousin pictured earlier) but she just doesn't know Kai. She eyed him sheepishly our entire stay until the last day. Where she got him to build her a car out of a box, play with her toys and hide in his parents closet with her for a few hours. It made my Easter that they both got to enjoy eachother before our stay was over. I am quite positive he left that out of his description of Easter today at school but I know he enjoyed it just as much as she did.

Beach Day

Someone is happy to be at the beach

We went to a beach called YACHATS which

we decided as a family is something that

has to either be sneezed

or yelled very loudly

Lily is normally very cautious at the beach
The waves scare her

and she isn't quite sure what to do with the sand


she is changing in so many ways

her attitude at the beach is one of the many changes

She played and played and played

She climbed rocks
Found shells and dug in sand

Made a home for a certain baby tiger

Posed for pictures with the birthday girl

that's me

29 again :0)

I am trying to be behind the camera more


there's no one in my family willing

to pose in dorky shots like this

OK well maybe we have more than one poser in the family

Not a great family shot but see we were all there

My absolute favorite shot of the day

It was the perfect beach day

and a wonderful birthday!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Giant Burger anyone?

I was not kidding

This burger joint has been on food network

No one has met the challenge


Cousins gettin ready for a much anticipated Giant burger

We talked it up for days

You have to pay 3 days in advance

and they have to prepare a special bun.
Without further ado.......

She says this is mere child's play
Challenge smallenge.

5 lbs of meat 5lbs of fries

+ onion rings

Shakes &

a pitcher of beer


Oh did I forget to mention 8 people at the table

Including one 15 year old boy who eats like 2

maybe 3 grown men.

Far Away Friends

On Friday we drove to see some of our friends

that used to be in our local playgroup,

but they moved,

(I still haven't forgiven them)

We were so excited to see them!

E. got tired and had to take a little rest.

This is them avoiding the crazy lady with the camera or

howling at the moon

Who knows

Lily showing E. her stuff.

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Before we left for Oregon I was kinda irritated
I know I know, this is a perfect world, perhaps I shouldn't admit that
But, it happens, even in this world of perfect pictures.

Sometimes life is real
It all stemmed around my birthday and our trip

and well a comment that went something like this
Oh, you wanted a present for your birthday?
Doesn't everyone?

I stayed kinda annoyed for quite some time

Maybe perhaps longer than I should have been :0)

He got the point....

So while here in Eugene he took me on a date

Just the two of us.

He told me to dress up

(which took a little shopping)

Then he kept a secret

Longer than he ever has

2 whole days

Then he teased me at dinner

told me

perhaps we were going diving with sharks

maybe playing a little paintball

or a trailblazers game

After dinner we took a evening stroll

Our walk ended right here.


he is good

This I would have never guessed.

That man of mine he is a catch.

And just for the record wiked is fabulous.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

new lens

My new lens is gonna take some practice.

It has no auto focus so I am having to go cold turkey manual focus.

I've gotten a lot of blurry shots but the quality of the pictures when in focus is amazing.

I am gonna love love this.

So here are just some practice shots

who doesn't love a little salami nose :0)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


We've had a girl who is overcoming fear.

First she came home and told me she needed a little scooter.

She said Paxton taught her how to ride it.

She wasn't kidding.

Next a certain bunny visited her classroom.

I told her teachers that this might be stressful for her

(I have to reroute any mall trip near a holiday cause even a glimpse of any holiday character causes a major melt down)

I didn't send a family member on purpose

I knew with one of us as a crutch she may succumb

to the same old behavior

I was sent this picture in the middle of the day

This is the closest she's ever been to any dressed up character.

And she is smiling!!!

She chose not to sit on his lap but this is HUGE progress.

(We are planning a Disney trip next year I think she is ready)

And here is the biggest and last show of bravery this week

For her 4th birthday she got this big girl bike

for two days she rode her bike


she almost fell off

(I'd like to point out I caught her and the bike)

I kept pushing her to ride it all the way home through lots of tears

I thought if she could keep going she would push passed the fear


the bike has sat since that day and collected dust


Apparently a boy at school took a scooter from Lily

she went and found something else to do

but decided in this moment that she needed more options

On our way home out of the blue she said

Mommy I'd like to go home and ride my big girl bike

And that she did.....

Today we are driving 8 hours to see some of our favorite relatives I'll see ya all soon with pictures galore I am sure Oh and I got a new lens it arrived yesterday I am so excited!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Need a good laugh

People who dress up their dogs are dumb.

Perhaps they should be entered into the local assylum.

Hope my own insanity brightens your day.

Lily will not let me dress her this way


she has no problem dressing the dog.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Love these two

We had another Guatemala Get Together

These two have really become great friends

They are so funny together

Sofia told her mommy that Lily is shy for a little bit then she's fun

Quite observant friend she is.

On this particular day Lily didn't take long to warm up.

I forgot my camera.

I had given clear instructions to my camera man

They sounded like this:

Dude take a lot of pictures alright.

I had even charged the battery.

I guess my instructions should have been:

Dude don't let me forget the camera.

So thank you thank you Meredith for taking lots of pictures.