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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Total Eclipse of my Heart

 Girly got a hair cut.
She was not happy.
I felt like one horrible mama
someone was being very sassy about how her long hair should look.
It was becoming quite a battle
 For the record I think it is adorable.
She is slowly coming around.
Change is hard for Lily Pie.
Not being in control is even harder.
She is coming around but still misses her buns terribly.
I have no doubt we'll be growing it again soon.

Open house was last Wednesday.
Lily was so proud to show me around her Kinder classroom.
I'm so proud of my girl.
I can not believe we will be a first grader in mere weeks.
Makes a mama want to cry.

 We got to watch a pretty amazing celestial event.
A solar eclipse.
Peter brought his welding helmet home so that we could watch it.

 Lily lost interest fairly quickly
but did enjoy putting on the helmet.

 Picture taken through the welding lens.
Pretty cool, huh.
 The eclipse made these very cool shadows everywhere.
One scary mommy!
More cool eclipse shadows.
And I leave you with my Lady of the Shade.
Lily loves a particular episode of
Kung Fu Panda.
In the episode there are some ladies
who dance with umbrellas.
Lily watches this particular episode at least once a day.
She's got the dance moves perfectly memorized.
I'll be sad when we move on from the ladies.
I miss when she used to walk like Mowgli in her orange panties.
These phases are so fun and fleeting.

Friday, May 4, 2012

6th Forever Family Celebration

I can not believe it's been 6 wonderful years.
Little Miss had big plans for our family celebration.
She wanted to go to the fair on the beach.
AKA Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
That sounded just fine to me.
Our original plan was to go this weekend
the weather was just gorgeous last weekend so off we headed.
We stayed in a hotel outside of Santa Cruz
cause our pocket books liked it.
It was a little warmer there like 75 degrees or so
and the water was freezing.
Lily wanted to go swimming and I was quite sure we would dip our big toe in and high tail it out of there.
Turns out she's a regular kid
the cold didn't bother her one stinkin bit. 

 After our swim we headed to the boardwalk.
We decided we were not too scared to ride the rides
but perhaps a little too shy to go it alone.
So we watched awhile
we rode a train had some ice cream and then......

 hit the beach.
A certain someone was sure she would not want to go to the beach.
So we had no towel, sand toys or proper apparel
but who needs any of that.
 Not so very long ago these toes refused to touch the water
and that face was full of tears.
Those days are long behind us we now love everything about the beach!
 We hit the town for some dinner and crashed exahusted.
It was a perfect day!
Then we woke up for some more fabulous fun.
You simply can not miss the trees while in Santa Cruz.
 Our little tour guide.
 Good Gracious I love this girl with all my heart!!
 Happy 6th Forever Family Day my sweet girl!
I love you forever and ever and ever!

 And we had to enjoy the beach just one last time!
We walked down some stairs to this perfect little patch of beach.
It was simply divine.
 Practicing some Kung Fu on the beach.

Two wonderful days in one of our favorite places
with all of my favorite people
it just doesn't get any better than this.