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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tantrums and Tahoe

No one warned me the 2 phase would start early!

These last few weeks Lily has been entering the rights of passage to her second year. My once all to agreeable baby is becoming a full fledge toddler-esk little being. She now throws herself on the floor and cries for no apparent reason and if I walk away from the tantrum she follows me room to room. It is really quite amusing. My mom was over the other day and I was at the back of the house where Lily layed herself at my feet. I left that room and walked out to the kitchen and my darling little one ran down the hallway passed her Nonnie smiling and then planted herself on the floor in front of me and started her tantrum once again. And yes to all of you who have met her I do mean that quiet angelic little girl pictured at the top of this page. Those photos are of picture day where Lily exercised the right to say "no" and speak her mind. All qualities I am happy that she possesses!?! I love this new challenge I am not complaining. I always thought that I would love the baby stage the best. That stage where fixing there problems consisted of a bottle or a diaper change. But I must say this new stage far surpasses the last. She just keeps getting more fun with each new stage. So wish me luck that I survive 2 tantrums and all! And to all of you currently parenting one of these independent little creatures I drink my margarita as the little one rests her eyes and bid you cheers!

In this photo I caught the telltale scent that told me that ones diapers must be changed. I told Lily where we were going and she ran into my bedroom and got into Stuey's dog crate. Which is made for a 8-12 pound dog not my petite 22 1/2 (the half is important) pound beauty.

Peter and I took our first away trip just the two of us since the arrival of Miss Sassy pants. We had a wonderful time. We went to Tahoe for the night and even won 162 dollars with 2 pulls on a slot machine! My first win ever. The below pictures are some self portraits of our time together. When we got home sassy was very glad to see us. We even had our first phone conversation where she said hi and bye.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Playdate fun!

In the recent weeks we have been out and about playing with friends. We traveled to Pleasanton where we met with another Guatemalan princess named Dani and had some water fun. Then we traveled to the family fun park in Vacaville where we met with our very cute friend Justice. I am soaking up every moment of mommy fun as summer winds down. I haven't let myself contemplate going back to work just yet, but I know I am going to have to start getting myself prepared in the next few weeks. Lily and I have had so much fun together and I feel that we have truly had some bonding magic happen.
This is my friend Diana and her cutie pie Daniela.

Here are the girls learning a little bit about sharing. Dani was very nice about letting us get drinks of water.

Here are the brave girls in the water. Dani likes the water and Lily forgot she doesn't and followed Dani right in. She was in the water all the way up to her chest at one point. Maybe simming lessons were worth the effort.

Lily rather liked this horse and even though sweat was forming along her hairline she was not ready to give up her spot on the rocking horse.

This is our super cute friend Justice. He will be 2 next month. He and lily had fun together!

My little one has an insatiable appetite at the moment. Every 20 minutes or so she is telling me eat, eat. I think I may have ignored her current request so she took matters into her own hands.