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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Friday, December 4, 2009

FFF- Traditions

We are just starting to figure out our holiday traditions. This is one tradition that has stood the test of time in our family. Lily is not a fan of Santa. She talks a lot about him and sitting on his lap and what she is going to tell him she wants. But, when push comes to shove this is as close as she will get to the man with the scary beard. It is tradition that we can look down at him from the second floor balcony of the mall. When we walk past him on the first floor she holds on tight to my leg. We went through a phase in September where she watched the Santa Clause movies over and over again. I thought perhaps we were gearing up to be brave, but not this year. Who knows maybe next but this is one precious picture of the two of them even if he is stuffed.


Kim & Dave said...

Awww....that is adorable!!! Maybe next year, huh?

I am glad to see other people's kiddos scared of Santa! We had to tell our oldest the whole truth right at the begining, because whe was so freaked out by the thought of a stranger coming in her house when Mommy & Daddy were asleep!

vaneblu said...

Beautiful pic, I was also terrified of Santa when I was little!!

Gardenia said...

darling, darling. I'm not sure how Little Flower will react to seeing Santa this year. She too may want to just look at him from afar. we'll give her the opportunity to sit on his lap but I wonder.... and your daughter has a contagious smile.

Nora said...

We have no chance at getting a Santa photo anytime soon, so I am so glad to hear someone else is in the same boat!

Beautiful pic - enjoy your weekend!

Leah and Maya said...

I dont' blame her, I dont remember being scared of Santa but I didn't like life size things like that either, I made my mom put on note on my door directing the Easter bunny to not come in my room but to leave the basket outside of the door. I of course have a child opposite of me who LOVES big people dressed up and crys at Halloween when she can't hug them.

Leslie said...

yeah this is the first year abby saw Santa ..the pic was soo cute but she was soooo nervous!! lol

Love the stuffed santa better too!

aamayna said...

She is so radiant, full of life and beautiful!!!

We are a scared if santa kid family too!

Melinda said...

Crista is exactly the same way! Loves to talk about him, but won't get anywhere near him!!

One Busy Momma said...

Too cute!!!!
It's ok to be afraid of Santa... I've seen plenty of kids who didnt like him very much! *laughs*
Mine tolerate him...but only long enough to get a picture!
I hated him till I was almost too old to stand in line to see him!

Hannah said...

That is so funny. Sophia is scared of EVERY single character. She screamed at a mall last week when Santa said hi to her. She screamed and yelled "That guy is MEAN!" I am sure that didn't scar any small children...Of course we were in PBK so it was full of small children.

She freaked out the same day because the Krispy Kreme mascot said Hi to her and she yelled the same thing about him.

Rhonda said...

Ahhhh,w hat a truly adorable precious picture. Still waiting to get our "first smiling" picture of Santa and girls!!!!

Anonymous said...

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