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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Forever Family Day #4

Four years ago this week this woman entrusted me with the best gift I've ever recieved.
She handed me the baby she nicknamed Rubi and had cradled for me for 6 months.
She brought her son to say goodbye.
The rest of Evelyns family stayed at home to take care of her newborn baby.

All that day we stared at our miracle and she stared wide eyed at us.

And now it is our annual celebration with that same teeny tiny baby.
Who has grown and remains just as much our miracle, as she was ,the day
we recieved her picture.

Our family went to San Francisco to celebrate.
It is the second year in a row we have taken this particular road trip.
I think it will be tradition.

This year we went to the zoo.
As is Lily's style, she did not have time or interest in posing for pictures.
So all our shots are candid.

The San Francisco Zoo has a fantastic train pulled by a actual steam engine.
Much smaller in size but impressive none the less.

A little cotton candy was in order for our special day.

We went on a bear hunt and actually found a bear!

She humored us with a smile.
The one and only for the camera.

This is my effort at getting a cool shot of my girl and I as you can see my girl left and it is just one splendidly happy mommy.

There are so many wonderful things about adoption. For me one of the best things is that my family will never be taken for granted. All children are special and I know that all families feel this way, but when your family is made through adoption, as parents you have to work so hard to become a family, that when your child looks into your eyes and says I love you mommy I think it is just a little sweeter. I love my baby girl so much and am just so lucky that the stars aligned just right and she was placed in my arms on May day.


aamayna said...

Happy family day!!!!!! I love that picture of you too! I agree with you 100% about adoption!

Leah and Maya said...

Happy Family day! wow what an awesome day for everyone! I still feel some post traumatic stress syndrome from looking at Marriott pictures but so glad that you got home with your baby liek you were suppose to. Its amazing and I absolutley agree, things sound different when its something you might never hear form your child if it weren't for adoption.

Monica said...

Whoo-hoooo! Happy 4-years to you, Twin. I rememeber meeting Lily for the first time. You were walking down the street from your parent's house holding this little bundle of precious with a "Pebbles" ponytail and pink onsie :) I LOVE what you said about adoption. I recently read a quote (I think it was from Oprah) that said, "Biology is the LEAST of what makes someone a mother." Amen, sister.

Hannah said...

Happy Family day!!

I love the picture of cute!

Gardenia said...

happy family day! it's hard to belive it was four years ago, isn't it? I lovelove the pic of Lily looking at you while you are feeding her her bottle. priceless.

Anonymous said...

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