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Monday, June 20, 2011


We went camping.

Lily's first time,

and, oh, so much fun!

I think perhaps we went with the correct people

roughing it should be a term used very, very, loosely

we ate like Kings, Queens, princess', and princes.

Although, there was a port-a-potty, to remind me I was actually camping.

Lily only entered once as Sof's parents have a trailer

the one time she entered she was shocked and dismayed

she looked at me and gasped

Mommy!!! That is disgusting!

Yes my darling it is but when one has to go well......

As you can see by these faces fun was had by the wee people.

We walked to have some ice cream.

Our idea was we would bring the wagon in case they got tired.

The littles had a whole nother idea

they rode the whole way.

I must say I had a pleasant stroll as I did not pull the wagon.

I merely enjoyed the cuteness!

We spent some time at the lake

where Lily proved once again this is the summer

of conquering fears.

Last year the site of the choppy water would have sent her running

this year she did not even notice the waves.

Lily showed off her aim
At first Clyde was not armed
but quickly realized he must fight back.
Last year being squirted with water would have brought on the tears.
This year being squirted only brought on determination!

I adore Jake
he is polite beyond measure and just
such a happy easy going guy.

And bubbly and bright describes Sofia
this beauty always has something to giggle about.

We had a little spoon race

Cutest thing as the three littles yelled


And the hand off.

The age difference was apparent

Lily 5 balanced that egg and was determined to win

Sofia 4 balanced the egg and didn't notice a winner

Jake 3 held his egg on the spoon and happily moved forward.

I'd say the perfect combination.

and what's camping without a little biking.

Lily has mastered that big girl bike.

She rocked it on flat ground



and over rocky terrain.

Way to go little rockstar!

summer is off to a wonderful start!

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quikiwi said...

OMG......I love this. We had the best time. Sofia was ready to turn right back around and stay another week despite the akward send off. I think she was mad that you were leaving. I can't believe the difference in Lily this year. She has come leaps and bounds and is just an absolute delight to have around.