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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Race Day

On Sunday we ran the Zoo Zoom.

We ran the 5K portion.

The first 5K for both Peter and I.
I was wondering whose idea it was, to get up at this ungodly hour,

go out in the cold, and run 3 miles.

Oh yea it was all my idea.

This is a picture of Peter and I having this exact conversation:

Peter, "I'm a little faster than you, so I'll be in front just follow me."

Sarah, "What makes you think you are faster than me?"

Peter, "I don't know, you think your as fast as me?"

Sarah, "I think I just might be."

And we are off.

Truth be told the first mile was easy as pie.

The second mile was a little rough for me.

I got a cramp I wanted to give up a little

and I let that husband of mine get ahead of me.

Once I passed the 2 mile marker I was feeling replenished

So I sped up and found that fast man of mine.....

And we finished it together.

I think they call that a tie!

Upon further investigation Peters time was

and my score was


So we now have to have a rematch!

Next up were the littles.

I cherish our friendships with all of these people.

Meg came to see us finish and all of them took time on their

Sunday so Lily would feel comfortable to run in the race too.

I'm so blessed to call them my friends.

Some warm up excersizes.

My two favorite peeps!

Perhaps, we over did it, on the warm up

Great job kiddos!

Not pictured here are mi Padres

I also owe them a giant thank you and I love you!

They met us at my house at 7am to come see us race

and keep a certain little someone happy.

It was a great day and we feel so accomplished!


Hannah said...

Way to go! I've always envied runners.

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

I am so far behind, I would look and nothing new and appartently I have been out of the game because now there's lots new! I htink I would enjoy running if I coudl run, I just cant' breathe when I run so I guess I better not. Thats awesome glad you caught him in the end, ha ha! I say you won since a leg cramp slowed you down and you actually caught back up to him.