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Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

 It was a good Christmas.
Aside from the fact that my laptop died.
Someone dropped it and it is dead.
Luckily the pictures will be able to be recovered,
 but lots of the Christmas fun is stuck at the moment.
Luckily I had not taken these off the camera quite yet.
We had a whole lot of fun with Rosie.
she did some zip lining,
hot air ballooning and a of lot treat eating.
Lily loved Rosie this year.
You may recall last year she insisted
I send her straight back to the north pole.
This year Lily mourned her loss
when she went back
with Santa. 
Yet another reason that poor Santa guy is
only aloud to grace our presence cause he brings gifts.
She is still a very hesitant fan of his. 

We did our traditional cookie baking.
We also made gingerbread houses with our friends Jake and Sofia.

 I had to work right up until Christmas this year.
Which made shopping and planning much trickier
but I did manage to still make tamales.
They were really, really, good this year.
I must say I am getting better and better each year.
I sure hope to learn to make them in Antigua
one day.  Lily has worn nothing but underwear for the last
2 weeks.  It doesn't matter how cold the house gets.
And as you can see she still has a love hate relationship
with a certain mommy and her camera lens.
 On Christmas Eve we went and opened presents at
my parents house.  Lily got just what she ordered and
we also got a nook which I am super excited about.  I've been reading on the small screen on my phone for several years.
I just feel so sophisticated reading from a full size page.
 On Christmas morning Santa did make one baby very happy.
She is now a full fledged rock star.
complete with a pink and purple wig, guitar, microphone and
sequin bedazzled outfit.
 Santa even made the furry creatures feel loved.

 Daddy gave Lily some treasure.
They are golden coins from Union Pacific.
Now our pirate girl is complete.
 Lily insisted on a rock star wig for Christmas.
Santa found one free with another purchase.
As he predicted someone won't wear it but Daddy is not shy.
 Our little Rock Star in all her bejeweled glory.
When you are 7 there is no such thing as too much sparkle.
come to think of it that might be true of 37 too.
 On Christmas day we visited Peters parents and then went to       see my brother at his new home.
He had to work Christmas day but he stopped in for a visit.
The girls got to turn on the lights in his patrol car.
That may have been Lily's favorite part of Christmas.
My brother and his family recently moved back to our home town.
Ava now goes to my former elementary school.
Their house is farther up the hill from where we live.
So after we were done with the Christmas festivities
we drove up the hill and found the snow.
We weren't dressed for snow at all and the sun had gone down
but this was my favorite Christmas memory.
My little family laughing teeth chattering trying to catch snowflakes on our tongues.
I hope I have many more spontaneous moments in 2013.

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