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Monday, July 1, 2013

fun in June

We don't waste a minute of summer fun here in the Delap household.  We celebrated our new second grader/black belt with a trip to 6 flags.  We took advantage of the rides.  We even rode an elephant.  I was wearing a long dress, never wear a long dress when riding an elephant, makes for unflattering photographs!

 Our favorite activity was the splash park.  I snuck this super cute suit into my bag thinking if she wore it once she'd learned to love it as much as I do.  I was told when we got home that she does not wear dots, good to know, there is always next year.

Next Peter and I went away for the night sans our girl.
It was our 11 year anniversary.  We went hiking around Muir woods and spent the night in Berkeley.  We stayed in this hotel that I bought a groupon for.  It was built in the 1920's by a famous female architect.  It is stepping right into 1920.  The pool was my favorite.  I didn't bring my suit or a swim cap (cause who wears a swim cap in 2013) but I sure wish we could have taken a dip.

 The next day we wen to San Francisco and spent some time in Golden Gate Park.  It was beautiful but the entire time we were there we wished Lily was with us too.

For Fathers day we met the Kings and went on a train ride.  I love this picture of my family.
And now we've entered the heat wave portion and the end of the month.We drove with Jada and Jalynn to the beach.
It was a wonderful day filled with giggles
lots and lots of giggles.
We had so much fun I am so happy my girl has found such great friends.

 Mermaid girls

 When you are 7 naked butts are very very funny. 
This Greek gods hinney was no exception.

And since the heat wave isn't nearly over we
took Nonnie and Papa to the beach. 
I adore these pictures of my mom and Lily. 
 How could I choose just one.

 My girl was the boss of the beach that day.  Actually I can not remember a day she didn't think she WAS the boss.
Oh who am I kidding we all know she is the boss.

1 comment:

Jen said...

I love every single picture! It looks like you all had a really nice June!

~ I loved that picture of Peter in the statues.

~ Happy 11th anniversary!!

~ I can't believe you forgot your swimming cap?

~ Lily is getting SO tall!!

~ She looks SO cute in her long, blue dress! I couldn't take my eyes off of her! I swear to you - she hypnotized me.

~ Yes, how could you pick just one picture of her and your mom?

~ How dare you put her in dots? What on earth were you thinking Mom?!?

~ I loved looking at all the pictures of her and her friends...little girl is growing up ❤

~ I love you guys.

~ I still want some Touchdown Taco Dip ; )