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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Awesome August!

I managed to bribe my parents to go to the river with me.
It's just not summer without a trip to the river!
Lily has begun to be quite the little fish.
She was really comfortable in the water.

We went to our home town for the fair this year.
Such a breath of fresh air in comparison to the State Fair.
 Why wouldn't you climb into a giant hamster ball and walk on water?
 I love this face. 
She was so proud of all the gold she had collected.
 The antics of Daddy and Lily.
They were made for each other.

 Look who started 2nd Grade!

 And Lastly we took these two to get their pictures taken.
It was one calamity after another.
The picture below was taken on my cellphone and was the best shot of the day.
I think it is rather hilarious.
Lily showing her cousin the ropes on how to hide from the

And Lastly a sweet secret shared between cousins.
This picture was taken first I think they may be devising their evil plan here.

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annette said...

Lily is the bigger cousin here. I like that.