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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Cinco de Mayo


THIS IS MY LITTLE DARLING ALL DRESSED UP FOR HER CELEBRATION. I can not believe how much she has grown and changed in one years time. Oh, how one wonderful being can change everything. She is absolutely amazing. To think back on the little sweet soul that entered our lives with the easy smile and quiet ways. When she first came to us she slept all the time. I think she kept going to sleep in hopes that when she awoke she would see something familiar. To her dismay we kept appearing at her bedside. I can not imagine my world changing so much in a day. Lily is a prime example that children are truly resilient.
We invited Nonnie and Papa and Grandma and Grandpa to help us celebrate and honor our forever family. Lily showed off quite a bit and decided food was not for eating but for playing. We left our waiter a hefty tip and Lily left a giant mess. We must explore everything!
And here is the true face of Lily. Sugar and SPICE mixed in with a whole lot of silliness. I just love it!
She is getting one of her molars. OWEE. That finger is almost permanently in her mouth.
Can you tell it's time to go? She didn't even want to try the ice cream. Yes to all of you out there who have thought us mean and torturous to not feed our darling the sweet stuff. We have decided to let her try her hand at an occasional sugary snack. so far our efforts have been thwarted and sweets have been rejected. I assume that it is only a temporary dislike.

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Luana said...

I had such a wonderful time meeting you and Lily - and these pictures of her are just precious! I read your birthday post 4/22 and got a bit choked up because I too remember those days of utter heartbreak but also remember how relieved I was the day we decided to no longer persue the fertility route and I am so glad we moved on. Happy Mother's Day and I hope we will get to hang out at the park again!

Luana :)