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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hi ho hi ho its off to work I go

So if you are wondering about the length of time between blogs I have gone back to work. The first week was hard on the two of us, but we are both doing much better now. Lily would not let me put her down the first half of the week. She wanted to be in my arms while I cooked, ate, did dishes she just seemed to need all around reassurance that I was still in existance after leaving her for so many hours. She now seems to understand that I am coming back and we are rolling along with her routine. It is much easier now that she only takes one nap because she is refreshed when I get there and so far she has been able to love both Nonnie and I. Last year she was mad at one of us when I came to get her. She would either smack me or her Nonnie as I left. She couldn't seem to show us both affection at the same time.

Lily has been going to speech therapy and I don't know how much twice a month could really do for her but she is beginning to use her words. I am so proud of her, my heart swells as I hear her little voice tell us what she wants. I just have to include a list of the words she knows: more, up, down, night night, bye, cow, woof, dog, kitty, meow, apple, all done, booty (as in pirates booty, thank you daddy :), and at speech therapy yesterday she used her first sentence. She said more bubbles. I am so sad I missed it. Speech therapy is a daddy Lily adventure.

Lily loves animals. On top of loving animals her little spirit loves to be in control. I can not give our dog a walk while Lily is awake because it ends in a tantrum followed by a dog chase. My mom's dog however is older and will tolerate a walk from a toddler.

Recently Peter and I took Lily to the fair. Our main purpose was to show her the animals. We wanted her to get to see a real live cow instead of just the one drawn on the milk carton. The animals went over big. In this picture if you look closely Lily's mouth is formed in a little o because she is letting us know she is not quite ready to leave the cows.

Nothing like ice cream at the fair! Lily is still not sure she likes the cool feel of ice cream. She took a few bites and then told us all done. If it is cheesecake though watch out. That's mama's girl.

I wish this had turned out to be a better picture. Lily decided that she wanted to pick out her outfit so she handed me a shirt and said on. I put her shirt on and then she picked out another shirt and started to take off her shoes (we always have shoes on, we even try to wear them to bed) so that I would put her shirt on like pants. I tried to help her pick out some pants but was told no! And mama has learned to pick her battles, so I put her second shirt on. She was happy as could be wearing 2 shirts and no pantsAnd here is my pantsless girl helping Papa install the garbage disposal.

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