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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Monday, September 17, 2007

tamales and Pow wows

Recently we have been to a few cultural events in our area. First we went to an Indian Pow wow. The real deal with Native American Indians in their full tribal wear dancing. The weather was hot but Lily was very interested in their outfits and she loved the beat of the music. She danced around and was very sweet. She also got her first taste of a snow cone which she thouroughly enjoyed. She had no problem with the coolness on her tongue. Her lips and teeth were stained red.

Our next stop was the Tamale festival here in town. Yummy!!!!!!!!! I must say my tamales this year need some work. Last year they were a little bland so the tamale festival encouraged me to add more spice. I make tamales for Lily's birthday parties. They are a work in progress. Lily didn't care for the tamales but my oh my did she like the corn.

And last but not least my girl has got the beat. I played the flute as a child but could not progress past a certain point because I am rythmically challenged so I became so frustrated with the tick tocking of the metronome I had to quit. But my little one claps and pats her leg to almost any beat. A musical instrument may be in her future.
I just feel like dancing!

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Debbie Doo said...

Lily is so adorable! Tamale festival - can't believe I missed it! I have that exact outfit for our Maya and both girls are adorable in it! Old Navy...can't beat it!