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Saturday, December 15, 2007


So far I have loved two. I love Miss Lily and all her opinions and I love the freedom to throw oneself into a complete tizzy in a moments notice. I love all of the wonder and awe that comes with learning many new things. But I must say that two has gotten the better of me this current week. I think it is because I work with 22 very excited, hard to control, cute as a button little beings and then I am coming home to a very adorable very loved disagreeable little one. Lily has wonderful days. She is sweet and agreeable and fun and then night comes and the horns come out. She is currently testing mommy and daddy. The making and eating of dinner is a very dramatic time for our family. Lily starts her whining crying emotional rampage when we start cooking dinner and does not stop until we have eaten. Which she wants nothing to do with. I know it is partially due to the fact that she has not seen us all day and she wants our full and undivided attention. We have tried time outs, ignoring, appeasing and nothing at the moment seems to make dinner a more pleasant experience. She is also testing her boundaries. She knows she is not supposed to walk on the couch so she quite often crawls up on the couch and stands up and smiles at us. I have one more week of work. One more week of 6 and 7 year olds in the christmas frenzy and then I can spend much needed quality time with my little one. Please let me just survive one more week! And has anyone read a parenting book with effective discipline because I think it is time for some help.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah! I just wanted to pass on some info that may be helpful. The "Love and Logic" series. They address both parenting and teaching. I have found the teaching strategies to be invaluable in my work. And since I love that aspect of it so much, I plan on using the parenting series when I decide to reproduce. Anyway, here is a link their website... Check it out, and let me know what you think...
~Emily (

plumm said...

So...yes, Two's....There are such wonderful and awful elements to them claiming their independence, right?

I was just going to Say "Parenting with Love and Logic" and I see I'm not the only one! It's great. You can be firm and consistent yet still respectful of your child. I love it...It takes a bit of time to see results but from then on you have the tools to deal with just about anything. There is one specifically for toddlers and one for older kids...I've read both.