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Sunday, February 10, 2008

I can wear my hair down!

Last year around this time I took Lily to get her hair cut. Lily has had hair that has grown forward since birth. So I have had to put her hair up every day since her arrival home so that she could see where she was going. The lady who cut her hair told me that Lily would have trouble with her hair all her life because that is just the way it grew. I took her word for it and just bought rubber bands and hair ties in mass supply. I did think it was a little odd since I had never seen anyone as an adult that had hair growing in their eyes but thought I would just make the best of it. I know another guatemalan beauty who has the same forward growing hair so this post is for you. At some point you and your beauty will be able to go out and about with hair flowin wild and free! Just look at the picture below for assurance. I am so excited to let her wear her hair down. I am ready to go and get her another trim. (Not by the same doom and gloom woman of course)

Lily has a new game it is called follow the leader. Not my favorite in public places because I can not see her. She thinks it is hillarious. Speaking of hillarious Lily is now telling her first joke. When you ask her how old she is she says free (translation three) and then giggles and says two.


Mimi and Clyde said...

Thanks for the great picture, her hair is gorgeous. We can't wair for Sof's hair to catch up.

Sarah said...

Sophie has the exact same growing straight forward issue with her hair! I ALWAYS have to have her hair pulled back in a rubber band, even to sleep! Otherwise, she looks like Cousin It and can't see through it all!

We just got a haircut last week (see our blog)... still did not cut in bangs as I love the look of it pulled off her face, but that may be the only option someday if she decides to not pull it back anymore. How did you do her braids? Sophie's hair is so fine and slippery, it won't stay up in cute little braids.

Your Lily is just beautiful!!