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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Super Bowl Sunday & Teeth

I am not a big fan of the Super Bowl. For me it is a celebration to the end of the season. Yeah no more football and a small sad sigh because I know that baseball is coming shortly. That being said Lily really enjoyed the football party! We had our friends over and lily got to play with their adorable girls. She is in love with the two of them and copies their every move.Avery even got my princess to dress up. She has never put on her birthday fairy wings but she put them on with gusto and let Avery teach her how to fly.
Lily was still talking about Avery and Hailey the next day. Even more surprising she shared all of her toys. I didn't hear the word mine escape her lips even once.
Yesterday was Lily's first dental exam. I was very nervous because, well she is two and she behaves just like that. Lily was the most cooperative two year old I have witnessed. She opened her mouth and let the dentist brush her teeth and feel around her mouth and even floss! My little one is getting so big. She only cried a little bit once while getting her teeth brushed and when we told her what a big girl she was she said yea and stopped crying. I was so impressed! To top it all off my lil bibi only has 3 more teeth to go and we are done teething. That my friends is cause for celebration. The dentist also confirmed the obvious fact that my beautiful girl at some point will need quite extensive orthodontia to fix her prominent over bite. That was no secret. We have already got that piggy bank in the works. I just pray for no head gear.

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Scarlett_333 said...

Glad to hear the dentist wasn't torture!