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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Vaseline intensive care is not for ones hair!

Funny Story!
Wednesday was my 33rd birthday. I had a wonderful birthday with some really great gifts from my family. That is not the funny part. I was getting ready because Peter was going to take us girls out for my day. I saw Lily with a jar of Vaseline and thought well she can't get that open. I severely underestimated my two year old. I forgot about the Vaseline and continued on my merry way getting ready. Lily comes into the bathroom and says mommy stuey hair. I looked up from my beautification process and saw Lily with what looked like wet hair. What happened had not clicked quite yet. I said did Stuey lick your hair, our dog is a major licker. She said no. Then the Vaseline came back to the forefront of my brain. Lily divided the whole jar of Vaseline between herself and our dog. While I was busy doing my hair she was also doing hers. Vaseline I must say does not come out of ones hair or fur very easily. We went to dinner anyways with a very happy very greasy little one. Stuey and Lily have both had many baths over the last few days and they still look slightly greasy. I did find a home remedy on the Internet so I was not the only mom that thought that their little one could not get that jar open. I won't be underestimating her any time soon! I did not get a picture of Lily with her greaser do I did however capture Stuey. Lily's hair looked much the same. The picture however does not capture the true essense of the grease.

Check me out how smart am I!

Now I'm gettin Sassy!


MayasMom said...

Maya loves that stuff, too, but so far it hasn't occurred to her to put it in her (or the cat's or Maria's) hair! We have the baby stuff and use it quite a bit when they have colds, but I know to take it from her the minute I see her with it. She likes to spread it on her bed and on her clothes. ugh.

Mimi and Clyde said...

Lily.....I am most impressed. You are a terrific counter. And so smart to be able to open the vaseline and use it so well. I bet Stuey made you do it though. Barclay and Jeeves are always getting Sofia to do things for them. I bet Stuey just wanted a Mohawk and you had to help him out....right?

MayasMom said...

Oh, and I forgot! Happy Belated Birthday, Sarah!