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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Window down

Just another car ride. Lily has decided these movie star glasses are pretty cool. And when we ride in the car the window must be down.

Lily learned this face from her repeated episodes of Barney. wook mommy arent I cute.

Lily went on a photo shoot. Where she was magically well behaved. The gods were with me that day. I haven't been to the picture people in almost a year since our last embarrassing trip. But my girl smiled and said cheese that day.
Mommy and Lily dining out. I love my cuddle bug.


Fenridal said...

See Please Here

Dena said...

LOVE the glasses!

Kelly said...

Love the shades!!!! Cute cute cute!

Sarah said...

Seriously... can your girl get any cuter! I love her new smile!!!