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Monday, May 26, 2008

There's a baby in there

So I am starting to show. Well really I look like I have had a little too much pizza but I know it's baby in there. I am going to highjack Lily's blog once a month to show my progress. This pregnancy is still not a reality. I have never taken a positive pregnancy test that led to a baby so this is a new reality to me. I think when I can feel the baby move that it will become a reality. In many ways it feels like the beginning of Lily's adoption before we got the pictures of her sweet face. It was just this fantasy we liked to talk about. She remained a fantasy until she was placed in my arms. The ultrasound pictures feel much like the update pictures we received of Lily. Not as cute but I am on this euphoric high when I see that little beating heart just like when Lil's face would appear on my computer screen and then we would go back to our daily lives and the talk of our baby would seem unreal again. I think many women feel this way even if they haven't had trouble getting pregnant. My body just doesn't feel that different.

We have chosen a name if it is a boy. We can only agree on a boy name if he is a she she may go nameless. Alexander Elias is our name for a boy. Alexander is Peter's middle name and a name he really likes. When we were first trying to start a family he always suggested A but I always vetoed it because it was too common. I had to be Sarah K. most of my life in school and despised it so I wanted a defferent experience for my children. 5 years later I like the sound of it and Lily and Alex go really well together so Alex it is.

I must admit I despise this picture so next month it will be more flattering but here is my baby bump. Can you use that term if you are not famous?


Sarah said...

I love your comparison of the ultrasound picture and the monthly picture updates from Guat! I considered those updates glorified ultrasounds too during the adoption process!

Hey... I am Sarah K too... at least K is my middle initial... what is your middle name? Maybe our moms had the same idea!

Love the name Alexander... now you have 6 months to come up with a girls name!

Kelly said...

Girl you use that deserve it!!LOL I am so excited for you!!!

Princess D said...

Love the bump girl! You are too cute. So, I have to figure out what's my excuse for my little baby pooch. Can't wait to see you guys, we have to plan something and I am hoping 3rd times the charm!