Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

San Diego Part I

Our family recently flew to San Diego to relax and enjoy the sea air. We went to the beach, Sea World, and the terrific San Diego Zoo. Lily has taken two airplane rides this summer and she is quite the expert flyer. Each time we get in line to endure security she makes sure everyone takes off their shoes gets them in the bucket and wants to walk through the metal detector all by herself. Such a big girl.
Some oddities I noticed while flying. A) Why am I aloud to bring along my juice cup bringing more than 8 oz of fluid from my home into the airport. I assume because the government thinks I will not harm my child in liquid form yet she must take off her shoes. I would not poison her with chemicals used to make a bomb but I would put a bomb in her shoes? B) Why am I forced to buy a ticket for my petite 33 month old girl for her safety and buckle that petite frame into a seat belt, but the lady next to me with the robust 23 month old baby can hold her baby in her lap for its safety. I don't find issue with buying the ticket just with you telling me my child will be safer in that lap belt. Who are we kidding! The lap belts not savin anyone if we crash!
Daddy and Lily at the beach. We didn't have sunny skies but the beach is fun sun or no sun.

Lily's new favorite thing in life HORSES!

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