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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Kissing & Colorado

To all my friends who have recently been swimming with us look what I got on my sassy girl. Lily has refused to wear a swimming suit. She has given in and let me put a swim diaper on her but the bathing suit has been a no go. Yesterday we had a breakthrough and I got it on her without a single protest. She has been living up to her nickname of Sassafrass Keep reading for more examples.

I even got a kiss in said bathing suit!

My mom and I had a trip planned to Colorado and I decided against everyones advice that I should go despite my personal life. So we took off last Monday and spent a week with my mom and her friend known all my life as Aunt Martha. It was good to get away. Lily loved flying on the plane. Everytime we got off she would yell another one airplane and we had to drag her off. She also started some rather interesting and not so cute habits while we were away. She yells bad kids when people approach her and try to smack them. She does not know what a kid is because big or small everyone is a bad kid. I am not sure where this is coming from. I was mortified at several restaurants. She almost made contact with a waitress. I assure you we do not tell her she is a bad kid. She has heard us tell our dog Stuey that he is a bad dog. The word bad has been stricken from our vocab for a little while. Please let this phase end soon!!!!!! Even with the yelling at and near contact with many strangers who quickly decided she was not as cute as first imagined we had a nice relaxing time. Lily has also decided that the camera is not her friend and will not under any circumstances look into it. So all of my shots are candid shots as she hides her eyes and turns her back if the camera is near. :)

This horse is about my size

running from the camera our new favorite past time

Box o goodies at Auntie Marthas

Kissing the friendly penguins

Hee Hee we tired sassafrass out!

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