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Sunday, September 14, 2008

It's a bird It's a plane.......

It's panty girl!

I think we may be getting close. She ran around in panties for 4 hours yesterday. She changed her panties 3 times in this 4 hour period. She sat on the potty 3 times no success but her bare bottom was on that seat!!!!!!! I have decided I'm not really pressing the issue but when we are at home we are gonna wear our panties. Sounds messy doesn't it. She hates messes though and she can identify when she needs to go so wish us luck!


Kelly said...

I think that its a great idea. No pressure but when at home wear pantygirls (big girl panties) or whatever she decides to call them :) I thin k she's ready and I am sendin g good luck your way!

Rhonda said...

Good luck with the potty training. We finally have one daugher trained during the day and another who is completely not interested!

Maya and Maria said...

Good luck, mommy! Maya still has pooping issues in her panties, and we still use pullups at night. But she's wearing big girl panties the rest of the time, and usually stays dry all day. We do get the character panties, and one friend suggested telling her that Cinderella does NOT want peepee on her! It worked for my friend's child, but not so much for Maya. But it sounds like you are right on track. I'll bet you see great progress within the next month!

Leslie said...

OH i will keep my fingers crossed for lilys potty training success!!!


Lilipie's Mommy said...

Potty training is not fun. Hang in will happen! Sending big-girl potty success wishes your way!