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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Random facts about Lily

I haven't been carrying my camera everywhere lately so there are no good pictures of sassy lately but Lily is just doing so much it is hard to keep up with her so here are some random facts.

1. Lily loves to tell me I not comin mommy in several situations bedtime, bathtime, dinnertime all those daily mundane things one must do. The funny thing is she is always happily following me even though she has said she is not coming. If daddy is near she grabs his finger and says we not comin mommy.

2. Lily is becoming increasingly creative about extending bedtime. First she tries clining to me in big pathetic sobs saying I just want you. Next she has to pick out her socks. Then she must decide which foot will be first then she needs to decide where she is going to climb into her crib next we must cover her up with all three covers no matter what the weather. She then says something not right and we must fix the covers. Finally we kiss the princess goodnight and she reminds me I must sit outside the door. Are you exhausted yet. I enjoy her little routine.

3. Yes you read that right she is still in her crib and because I enjoy sleeping right straight through the night without interruptions I am doing nothing about the problem at the moment.

4. Lily must put on her glow in the dark thomas shirt and shorts the minute she gets home. She wears them every evening until bathtime. She can not wear them to bed cause it makes getting dressed in the morning impossible.

5. Her newest phrases are: "Thats hilarious" "I want you mommy" "I gonna check that out" "You talk" (when someone asks her a question) "I not gonna eat I too sick"

6. Much to our little dogs dismay Lily's infatuation with Stuey is still in full force. She chases him until he begs to go outside and escape. When we arrive home she ask me if I would like to come in her house and pet her dog.

7. Lily earns 3 M&M's each morning for doing her jobs. She requires these M&M's to be complimented with cheese.

8. Lily loves me to read her books. She must turn the pages when I am done she reads me the book. One of my favorite thing is to listen to her recollection of the story.

9. Lily will not wear dresses or skirts will only wear croc shoes on her feet. She has worn the same purple croc shoes just about everyday for the last year. Her toes are almost on the end and I can not wait to put them up for good.

10. Lily gets really angry when I call her by her full name. She says I no Lilyana D***** I just wiwy. She screamed this at the top of her lungs at her dentist app. last week.

11. She often tells me she is a boy. The other day she said I am a boy and daddy is a girl. I said really what is mommy. She said you Sarah D*****.


Vanessa said...

Lily sounds like a hoot!! What a big girl she's becoming!!

Kelly said...

I think Lily and Sky would get along great...either that or they would kill each other LOL

Kim & Dave said...

Sounds like a fun time at your house!!!

Rhonda said...

Oh too funny, LOVED reading all that especially when you call her by her full name!!!! I do that and all I get is the rolling of the eyes................sigh

Maya and Maria said...

#3 cracked me up! Because you know I went back and read #2 twice. Love it!

Maya and Maria said...

Oh and about #5.... have you tried the 'light up' shirts and/or jackets yet? oh my. If you haven't ..DON'T. but then again, it's an amazing way to bribe them ... "if you come right this minute and get in the car, I'll let you wear your light-up Dora jacket." Or, "if you don't stop that racket this second, you will take off the light-up pumpkin shirt." works magic....