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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Toddler Logic!

We as aspiring wonderful parents who are trying to raise a child who is sensitive, responsible, conscious of her environment ect ect............ well we gave Lily her first chore. Aren't we smart. so Lily's chore is to feed her dog. Every evening she runs to his food bin with joy in the responsibility we have given her and sits and watches Stuey eat his food and then picks the bowl up and puts it in the sink. Just thinking of it makes me want to pat myself on the back aren't I smart. I wonder if you can tell this is going to backfire and backfire it has. Lily not only loves her puppy but also thinks she is a puppy. She often barks at our company crawling on all fours she even shakes her little bootie saying look mommy I waggin my tail. Can you tell where this is going. I walk into the kitchen and Lily is sharing the dogs food. She is on all fours right next to Stuey and they both have their little faces in the dog dish. Luckily we have quite a tolerant dog. I take Lily to the bathroom so that she can spit the food out and I say Lily little girls don't eat dog food. That food is just for Stuey. She looks at me with the most earnest little innocent eyes and says "but mommy I a puppy!" Well who can argue with that logic. Guess I'll go back to feeding the dog.


Jessica King said...

Try putting broccoli and brussel sprouts in the doggy dish... I'd let Ava pretend to be a dog if I could get her to eat her veggies... Sure wish you'd gotten a pic of this one!

Rhonda said...

oh I tell you I have SOOO many issues trying to get Emily to eat but she has NO PROBLEM with the dog food, go figure :0( I am constantly putting it up as soon as the dog finishes so she doesn't eat any!!!!! Good luck!