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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Little Pumpkin!

Today was one of those beautiful fall days. Well really CA doesn't know it's fall yet, it is still around 80 here. We went downtown and had some lunch and found Lily the cutest pumpkin shirt and hat. We had some lunch, took a carriage ride, and just enjoyed eachothers company. Took a little walk with a little pumkin head.

Like I said it's hot the hat lasted much longer than I expected!
Lily's first carriage ride.

Once again mommy is the only one participating in the sillies. I think she's gonna be one embarrassed teen.

Ahh yes whats a day without a little pouty face :)

I spotted a goulish ghost. Lily couldn't bring herself to look.
I love love this tunnel! Peter and I walked through this tunnel on our very first date.
Daddy you are just so funny!
Keep your fingers crossed that we get one more week of nice weather. We have one stupendous pumpkin patch party for someone who is turning 4. Sniff sniff four is soo big. Just how did that happen.


aamayna said...

What an adorable hat!! She looks so cute! That is sweet you got to take her t hrough the same place you and your hubby went through on your first date!

Leah and Maya said...

I must say 80 doesn't sound very fall like, we at least are now in the 60and 50 becasue let me tell you 30's weren't very fall like.
yes I see she didn't think you were all that funny, well you know she is going to be 4! too funny their little personalities. That is a very cute hat I love it. I pumpkin patch party, if we had better weather here and knew it would be decent that would be areally fun place.

Rhonda said...

What awesome fun. LOVE that shirt and hat. She's soooo adorable.

Gardenia said...

look at those big huge eye lashes in the fourth pic. wow. darling hat. I'm not keeping my fingers crossed for you -- sorry, but we are already in the 30s at night! :) looks like you all had fun.

Leslie said...

love that hat!!! CUTE CUTE CUTE and gorgeous,pretty ,stunning etc!

Hannah said...

I love that hat and shirt. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! She is just too cute for words.

I am really jealous of your 80 degrees. We have had a cold and rainy snap and I am ready for it to be over. 80 sounds AWESOME!