Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Party

Lily's 4th birthday party turned out wonderful. Can I just say parties are stressful!!! Everyone had a wonderful time and the day was beautiful and once all was started even I had fun. Peter and I also took 400 pictures, I was able to weed it down to about 30. Thats pretty good I'd say.
This is my favorite picture of the day.

Pumpkin cupcakes turnded out so cute. Thank you so much Meg and Meredith.

Just a good picture of my friend Amy and I so I had to include it.

Amy's son Tyler and her husband having fun at the petting zoo.

I don't know what is so funny but it is cute.

I thought I would be going down the slide too, but I guess once your four you don't need mom.

So mom gets to go all by herself.

Our friend Rayna. Her mommy thinks she is moving to Oregon I vote no!!!!

Party favors.

Lily is warming up to her Uncle Troy. It's taken quite some time, but I think she may be done teasing him.

Rayna's sister Elia. Maybe V will leave her behind for me to snuggle :)

These two best friends are so sweet together.

Cupcake time. Lily's first try at blowing out her candles.

Taking a little break.

And she does it all by herself!

Pure joy! Or is she laughing at her mommies bum?

Beautiful picture of my niece.

Love this little one. I love his mommy too.

Lily and her Papa

On the train.


Jakey looked just too cute in Lily's birthday hat.

Whenever I asked Lily what she wanted for her birthday she said a bear. If only our wishes could always be so simple.

And the party crew.

Next year I bet they will be too big to all fit in a wagon.
Happy Birthday to my bee bop!

Mommy and Daddy love you to the moon and back!


Kelly said...

Oh Lilly, I hope you know how beautiful you are! We hope you had a great birthday !

Hannah said...

What an awesome party! I love that slide...I want to go down it too! Can you come throw a party for Sophia next year? You did an great job.

Debbie Doo said...

Happy Birthday to Lily, from Maya! So sorry we couldn't make the party!

Maya and Maria said...

Happy, Happy, HAPPY Birthday, Lily!! I can't believe our girls are four. Where DID that time go?!?! Maya keeps watching your pictures, Lily, and wants to know who you are. I'm going to go show her the pictures of when you girls met. We are going to try REALLY, REALLY hard to get you two girls together again one day soon ... aren't we, mommy?!?!?!

Robyn said...

What a fun party!! The pics are beautiful!! Happy Birthday Lilyana!!

Leslie said...

Happy Bday sweet girl!!! wow looks like sooo much fun!

Gardenia said...

she's beautiful. you must be so proud of your girlie.

Rhonda said...

Ahhh, happy birthday sweet girl. I so loved those pictures. What a lot of un and cute "goodie" bags. What a big girl going down that big slide all by herself!

Leah and Maya said...

I am just getting caught up and commenting backwards as far as your posts go. wow that looked like alot of fun, and you are right doing parties are stressful, lots more fun to go to toher peoples parties.