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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Wise beyond her years

Lily was playing (torturing) our dog this morning and she was talking about how his feet were little. She looked at me and said:
L: Mommy how come Stuey is little?
M: Because his mommy and daddy are little?
Lily turns to Stuey and says:
Stuey you miss your mommy and daddy but it's okay cause we take good care of you and you are happy.

We adoptive moms and dads read countless books on how our children might feel and there ya go summed up in 20 words or less. I love my baby girl.


Melinda said...

She certainly is wise! I think we over analyze so many times when our kids just get it!

Hannah said...

She is very wise! I agree we over analyze and all that really matters is love :)

Leah and Maya said...

Kids are very very smart! Maya wanted to know if her skin would turn the color of mine when she got older, so we did talk about that, in my head I think you crazy child with your beautiful skin and I have pale sunburn skin, but of course I didn't say that. I have to say though if not given enough info they come to their own conclusions, my nephew who will be 5 this summer informed his mom that Joe and I are not Maya's real parents and so on. So i did take him aside on a day I was there to have a talk with him since he was now "older" and maybe had some questions and maybe I could tell him a little more. See his dad is adopted to so I realize when they just hear something but then arent' filled in they relaly don't get it and fill in the blanks themselves and I certainly didn't want him saying something hurtful to Maya. So far Maya loves to talk about us living in Guatemala with me and with her foster family. I added a scrapbook page with a couple of pictures of her birth mother, becaseu she knows my tummy doesn't work so this is her birth mother but she looked and went off playing.

Gardenia said...

wow. very wise. and we sometimes wrack our brains trying to know what they are thinking, then out with it they come at the least expected moment.

dfadf said...

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