Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Thursday, November 11, 2010

School pictures

Lily's school had a photographer come and take pictures of the kids on the school grounds.
She captured some wonderful shots of my big girl.
Yesterday I went to my first ever parent teacher conference for her pre K class.
I remember that the adoption agency told us that adopted children with delays usually catch up really quickly.
I remember thinking that it seemed as if catching up was taking forever!!!
I do think my girl has caught up to her peers.
She knows almost all of her capital letters and some of her lower case letters.
She can write her name and she knows all her shapes and colors.
Although she did say that a rectangle was a big square!
She has some trouble with number recognition but can count to 20.
My favorite part of the conference was the one thing Lily needed to work on:
she growls at her friends and sometimes startles them.
Not that I think scaring her friends is funny but Lily spends a lot of her time here at home as her favorite dragon Toothless from the movie How to Train your dragon.
When I shared the information with her Daddy his response was
"Well, you can't stop a dragon"
Today we went for our well check up.
I asked the Dr. for a prediction of her height.
Just for curiosity sake.
She said Lily could be 5''2" or 5'3" which was my prediction too.
She is also all set to start kindergarten next year.
Sniff Sniff.


Leah and Maya said...

Geez I'm pretty sure around here we still just have the sit in front of the screen and smile pictures at schools. Which is fine since Maya gets plenty of camera time with me around. Pretty cool though, outdoor nice school pictures.
As much as I understand acedemics are importantand I guess when you talk about what Lily can do then yes Maya does know more then her at this point acdemically, but really in the grand scheme of life I don't think it matters. Like kids that don't potty train until they are 4 or whatever, sure is it nice to have a potty trained 2 year old? absolutely but again in the grand scheme of life it won't matter. I dont' typically ask friends I know so when could you identify a triangle, or when were you potty trained because it just doen'st matter later.
No doubt it is frusterating now, but I say relax she WILL get it.
The dinosaur thing, you know I get that. Maya's rule is, she IS NOT allowed to be a wildcat of any kind unless she is at home or with her cousin's on Joe's side of the family. When we go to town, NO wildcats! at preschool, NO Wildcats. Mine roar's and claws at you..................
Maya's predicted to be the same height.
Sorry for my blabbing earlier, I understand that it is hard when she seems behind but I have the most wonderful mom in the world and she had alot of problems in school, so it was stressful then but now she's a happy awesome person and thats what we all want for our kids.

Anne said...

Those are such great pictures. I'm so glad to hear your daughter has caught up and will be ready for Kindergarten. We have a lot of growling dragons in this house too. My boys love anything that growls - lions, dinosaurs, tiger, dragons, etc...

Hannah said...

What a beauty! I don't think she is even capable of taking a bad picture.

I love that she growls at her friends. That is just too much :)

Melinda said...

I love hearing these stories about your precious girl! I was constantly worried that Crista was behind, but like Leah said, kids usually catch up to their peers.

Beautiful school pics too!

Monica said...

Love, love, love the growling comment! That is classic. One of the kids at work growled at me the other day, so Lily is in good company. Apparently it's the newest way of communication :)
And...5'2 is a wonderful height. Luck girl will NEVER have to worry about letting the hem out of a pair of pants like her Mommy and Auntie have to!
Miss you both. See you soon!

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