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Sunday, September 4, 2011


Today we took my dad's early retirement toy out for a spin.

It was great fun.

Lily had great aspirations for the day.

She wanted to see a whale

pet a dolphin

and capture a shark.

We made do, with seeing several dolphins on our voyage.

Getting her sea legs ready.

Hmmm, I have no comment.
I wonder whose feet those are.
Oh, they're mine
no way I'd never leave the house with two different shoes.
You must be mistaken.

An attempt to take a family photo.

Learning the ropes, literally.

Although on a boat they're called sheets.

And when someone says hand me the main sheet.

You should know they mean the blue rope.
I'm a little old, and can't tell my shoes apart, you might want to call a rope a rope.

Papa's happy spot.

I sat up there and worried I might become shark bait.

Blue sky, oh how, I love thee.

I thought perhaps you were gonna allude me all day.

The bay is really quite pretty from this vantage point.

That bridge back there is the one and only golden gate.

Wish it hadn't been so foggy so we could see it.

Around Alcatraz we went.

Past the city....

And up a pole?

That man climbing that pole is my daddy.

He still shimmies up poles like he's 30 or so.

In Lily's words he's pretty amazin'!

Problem fixed, sails down, time to motor home.

It was a great day even if we didn't catch a shark!

Oh, and one more thing before we leave.

This little one really wants to learn to blow a bubble.

This is how you do it. Right Mommy?


Sarah said...

What a fun day!! I am so completely envious that you are near such beautiful water and have access to fun on Papa's boat!! Can we come visit?

And... I love the mismatched shoes! It seems our princesses are always dressed perfect and then we rush to run out the door and forget to look down... hasn't happened to me... ever ;-)!

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

looks relaxing. and thanks so much, I never understood 3 sheets to the wind, see nwo that I know that means ropes it makes a bit more sense. Hey at least both of your shoes mostly matched, pretty close, I'd say you'd done good.