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Sunday, August 21, 2011


We went to the zoo

with Auntie Monica.

It was a beautiful day!
The zoo has two new baby orangatangs.

They are super playful.

This would have been an adorable picture

without the stop sign.

Before we got back to the car she indulged me
in some picture goodness.

Lily has been sportin' these adorable buns lately.

Funny Lily story:

Lily always makes sure before going to sleep

that if she has a problem or a dream

she can come and get us with her flashlight.

(She's been having some scary dreams)

Apparently her parents need to be quite specific about what a problem is.

The other night she came in our room

at around 5 am

to let us know her hair was silly.

She was right it certainly did look silly.

To her credit it was a problem.


now a problem consists of being sick


or having a bloody nose.

It's all in the specifics when your 5

almost 6.

1 comment:

Leah and Maya said...

Yes being specific is good, Imean hair being silly certainly could be important, I guess. Too funny! hope school is still going well. have a good week!