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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, November 5, 2011

6 Year portraits

For my mom's birthday Lily got her picture taken.

My parents have begged,

Some may even say badgered me

to grow out Lily's hair.

After seeing Rapunzel Lily wanted long hair.

So their wish was granted.

Of course my daughter has her own way of doing everything.

So, now she has long hair but,

will only wear her hair one of two ways.

1 bun or 2.

Which kinda defeats the purpose of having really long hair


she most likely won't get lice in Kindergarten :0)

So the point to this really long story is that I made Lily wear her hair down

for Nonnie's birthday present.

I got her to do this willingly by telling her that

after she got her picture taken my way

we could put her hair up and take her picture in her Princess Tiana costume.

I think the pictures turned out fantastic but,

Boy is my baby girl a big girl NOW!!!

1 comment:

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

What a great smile in her pictures! ummm well I have Maya with her long hair, right now she is only in preschool 1 day 2 hours and everytime she goes I put her hair up, ohhh the lice yuck yuck yuck! right now there are all boys in her class again but still I even take her coat with me. NOt sure what I will do next year, hair up I guess but I suppose I will have to leave her coat........