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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Friendsgiving and my new niece!!!


I had a vision of what holidays would be.

I always thought that there would be

gleeful children running through the house squealing with laughter

adults with wine in their glasses and smiles on their faces.

Not that our holidays are bad it's just that

it's not what I had imagined.

So when all else fails create a new tradition.

Last weekend we had our closest friends over with their children.

We had a potluck.

I provided the turkey and our friends provided the trimmings.

Wine and gleeful squealing was bountiful.

So bountiful indeed that I set my camera down and could not find it.

But here is the crew that provided plenty of squealing.

My friend Monica was supposed to come

but, well she was otherwise engaged in a more important endeavor.

Baby Kaya Simone is here

and true perfection.

I am so excited I get to be her Auntie, and Lily

is taking her big cousin duties very, very seriously.

Welocome to the world baby girl.
I am so happy you are here and healthy and a girl!
I can't lie I was hoping for a girl and so was Lily pie.

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annette said...

Look foreword to some fun pictures of Christmas. So don't mis-place the camera.
Remember Santa is coming to town