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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

OMG we are still here!

Nothing very exciting going on in the world of the Delap's.

It's been pretty mundane since Christmas.

But we do like to fill our evenings with a little fun.

We've been watching A LOT of the Nikelodeon show

Kung Fu Panda.

It is actually very cute even if I dislike all the commercials on Nikelodeon.

So we've had some nightly karate matches.

That's Master Tigresses game face.

Even the scariest of Tigresses must take cover once in awhile.

After collecting oneself it's in for the battle.

Looks like Shifu may have won this one

watch those mommy kicks they're lethal.

We've also been enjoying some super spring like weather.

Mother nature has something up her sleeve I have no doubt

but for now it is sure is nice to have the sun.

Jaxton thought it was good enough to dive right in!

We are hosting a valentine party soon.

I'm sure I'll take plenty of pictures and be back very soon!

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Hannah said...

Dude! Where have you been??? I'm glad you are back to it. :)