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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentines Celebration

I was told I was not allowed to call this day a party

Apparently you have to have cake in

order to properly call something a party.

So we had a small celebration with three of our girlie friends.

We made heart shaped pizzas.

Had some heart shaped fruit.

How cute is that!

Lily showed off one of her favorite Christmas gifts.

Then we ran around and around and around the house

squealing at a pitch only girls can make.

when the running was over we took a much needed break

for some heart shaped cookies.

Then we exchanged some valentines

and posed for pictures.

It was a really fun party...


I mean celebration.


Leah Maya Benjamin said...

WEll you had fancy cookies seems like that could count as a party?
very cute fruit, I wouldn't have thought of that one.
WE are ready for Valentines too, Maya already asked if I would do her hair in hearts again this year. HOpe all is well, I will wait for another vent blog post to find out.

Hannah said...

That is such a fancy and very cool NON-party :) It looks like everyone had a blast!