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Sunday, March 4, 2012

school pictures

The other day Lily was supposed to get her spring pictures taken at school.

We went to Target picked out a new outfit tried it on to make sure it was stamped with

the Lily stamp of approval. I'm not quite sure who told her

she should have an opinion about such things

but an opinion is an understatement when it comes to clothes.

Anyways I digress

so the day of pictures we wake up

I'm making her breakfast getting ready to do her hair when suddenly there

is a crying noise coming from the couch.

When I come around to see what has gone awry I see her nose is bleeding.

In our household this is a common occurrence and not a big deal.

I get a towel for her and we sit trying to stop the blood.

we sit and sit and sit.

By the time Peter awakes from his slumber we have sat for 15 minutes.

Then it becomes clear this is not going to stop anytime soon.

I start to wonder how much blood my daughter can loose.

It is a GUSHER.

She soaks through three towels and we get on the phone with the advice nurse.

The nurse politely tells us this is no big deal.

We get off the phone.

Then she starts throwing up blood.

Now my level headed brain tells me she has just swallowed blood.

My mommy less level headed brain starts freaking out.

This does not feel normal its been 45 minutes.

I make Peter call back the advice nurse who tells us my level headed brain is right.


Really long story I know

I'm almost done.

Her nose finally stops bleeding.

I tell Peter she should go to school because she missed 4 days the week before.

So off to school they go.

Just in case you ever wondered blood does not digest well.

While in line waiting for her classmates to get their pictures taken she threw up again.

So home she came.

We received the picture proofs

needless to say I've never seen my girl look so green

or so pathetic she tried with all her might to be cooperative

but the way she felt is written all over her poor little face.

So this weekend we found ourselves with weather in the high 70's

perfect time to take my new lens out for a spin

I'd say my new lens is my new favorite toy.

These pictures are better than any school pictures.

They capture my beautiful girl

as she is.

A touch of sweetness

and a little sass

A kiss for her mama.

This is our new favorite

I'm watchin you.......

Just a Guatemodel doin some chores

it ain't no big thang

And after all that modeling and slave driving

nothing like a little manicure.

And just a note I have the best husband ever.

He squirreled away money for months and

bought me the lens I've wanted for ever.

This time we did it right

everything about the lens is just perfect.

Can't wait for hours of endless summer days to practice practice practice.

1 comment:

Leah Maya Benjamin said...

What a good husband, hmmm well I did the same thing but then boughtm y own lens.
poor girl can't they cauterize it so its not so bad, Swallowing blood cannot taste or digest good I can see why she would ahve gotten sick.
Love those sweet pictures of her!