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Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July

We spent the 4th of July in North Lake Tahoe.
It is something we have always wanted to do.
A few weeks ago the weather was cloudy and a bit cold.
This time the weather was PERFECT!!
Our friends Diana and Steve have a condo
they graciously extended an invite to us.
We are so very thankful!
Lily and Dani played really really well together.
They spent 5 days together for the most part were completely
content with each other.
We drove up on Monday and met them on the beach.

 Dani and Lily in control of the raft.
They mostly spun in circles.
Lots of giggles were involved!
 These two needed no time to warm up.
They left off exactly where they were
 last time they saw each other.
They are a month apart and just adorable together.
 Funny funny girls.

 The next day there were fireworks on Kings Beach.
It was the 3rd of July.
We headed over to the beach to spend the day.
We did some paddle boarding.
It was Peter and my first time.
I wish there was a picture of me because I was actually fairly good at it.
If you know me this is a big deal because I could trip over a pebble and land on my arse.
 Waiting for the fireworks.....

Lake Tahoe does not disappoint
spectacular spot to see fireworks. 

Here are our beautiful girls all dressed in their 4th of July finery.

 We went out on the lake in a boat.
It was my first time out on the lake.
It is just as amazing with a view from the middle.
We anchored out near a private beach and stopped for lunch.
As we were eating this helicopter kept on circling above us.

As we wondered what in the world the helicopter could be doing
These five men jumped out of the plane.
They parachuted down to the water.
One of them was wearing an American flag around his ankle.
It was spectacular.
Next the helicopter circled around and picked each of them up.
I suppose that if you have to train over the holiday.
Parachuting in Tahoe would be alright :0)

 Steve and Peter became quite close over the weekend.
Admitted to having a bromance and started calling each other brife.
I'm surprised he let Diana so close.
 This was Lily's first time on a boat.
She was nervous at first.
She told me that she wasn't going.
Then she sat on my lap for awhile.
by the end of the day I'm pretty sure we had a fan.
Dani and Lily were riding in the front and as the
boat went over waves
they put their hands in the air.

Lily learned lots of new skills on this trip.
She learned to swim in the deep end of the pool.
She swam all the way across the pool  and we no longer plug our nose.
She learned to float down the river on a tube.
She became a boater.
It was a fantastic trip.
I'm sad it's over but Tahoe is only a few hours away.
So til next time......
A big gigantic thank you to the Robinson's.
We love you!

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Jen said...

Oh my...I so love all of your pictures!! They are so beautiful! I especially love the ones of the parachuters. That must have been an amazing site, especially with the american flag on the ankle!! And the one of you and Lily.

Yes indeed, I agree the 4th and Tahoe...never disappoint : )

I'm so happy you had an amazing week and gosh Lily...she is just making leaps and bounds in everything she accomplishes!!