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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Washington Wedding

Last week we started a long journey to Centralia Washington.
It is 12 hours from our home in a car.
I went with my mom and dad and Lily.
Lily is quite the little traveler.
We did the journey in 2 legs.
We made it all the way to Portland on the first day.
Portland is 10 hours away.
My dad and I went to get pizza.
We got our pizza in a cute little town called
Vancouver Washington.
I would have liked to explore more
but it was late and we were tired.
 The next day we woke up and headed to my cousins wedding.
For some reason my family doesn't get together much.
The last time I saw my cousin he was maybe 4 or 5.
It was weird going to his wedding when I had to introduce myself,
but I'm very happy I went and got to see my Aunts and Uncles.
I have fond memories of them as a child and they
are still some very funny kind generous people.
Perhaps it doesn't need to be 15 years or so before I see them again.

Here is my cousin and his bride.
I stole these photo's from facebook.
I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of the bride and groom.
They were cute and their ceremony was sweet.

 Me and my Dad in our wedding finery.
Lily was super excited about going to the wedding.
She really wishes that she was at my wedding.
Unfortunately once we got there she was pretty overwhelmed.
She didn't know anyone and was on completely foreign territory.
She didn't want to talk to anyone and
 really didn't want her picture taken.
There were some tears involved and a little shutting down.

 She did however come around after the ceremony was over
and we were seated.
Then she found out that the favors were green jelly beans
That was enough to make us smile.

This is my dad with his siblings.
Aunt Peggy and Uncle Jack.
No doubt they are related.
My Aunt Sandy couldn't come
there is one more girl in the family.

After the wedding we were walking down the stairs
and could smell that it had been raining.
Then we heard the crack of thunder and flash of lightening.
We walked in the rain back to our car
but couldn't bring ourselves to get in
it was just too wonderfully refreshing.
Lily and Papa ran up and down the street racing in the rain
giggling and giggling......
This will be one of my fondest memories of this trip.

Simply beautiful

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