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Lilypie Kids Birthday tickers

Saturday, August 25, 2012

First Grade

Lilyana (as she likes to be called now) is an official First Grader.
She started a new school again (poor girl)
I tried to get her into a charter school last year
and we did not win the lottery.
Two weeks before school started we got a call that we were in!!
I made the decision to leave our last school for several reasons.
It was a great school had wonderful scores, a little diversity, in a picturesque neighborhood.
But we had an awful teacher last year,
which we could deal with for a year
but the school did not take teacher requests so there was no way to assure that it would not happen again.
Also the school only went to 5th grade so once we were in Junior high we'd be on the hunt again.
Her new school goes until 8th grade so we don't need to worry again until High school.
She is going to a Montessori School.
They work primarily in concrete concepts until 4th grade.
Lily is a hands on kind of learner.
I'm so excited for her that she will learn in a way that
makes sense to her.
She is in a multi age classroom
which caused me some lack of sleep.
As a traditional teacher a first - third grade classroom
would cause me to have a nervous breakdown,
but there are 23 children and 2 aids.
I know she will get the attention she needs.
I wish I had a crystal ball to see into the future
to know if I made the right decision.
In the end I can only take a leap of faith.
My instincts tell me its a good spot for her.
I hope I'm right because she's gone to 3 different schools in 3 years.
We are ready for consistency!

Anyways here is my beautiful First Grade Girl.
Probably the one and only time she'll wear a skirt to school.
This picture was taken with my cell phone
She just looks so tiny here.
See she is still my baby :0)

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